Epsilon Esports Exposed for Not Paying Players

by in CS:GO | Aug, 9th 2019

The cascade of orgs being outed for not paying their players continues as Epsilon Esports has now gotten caught up in the scandal.

According to a report from Upcomer, building on their work the other day insinuating Epsilon would be shutting down, several players and teams of the org, both current and past, have come forward either missing or receiving late payments for their work.

Is it So Hard to Pay Players?

The report describes how Upcomer was contacted by several former H1Z1 players for Epsilon who left after the collapse of the H1Z1 Pro League late last year. According to the players, Epsilon CEO Greg Champagne and the org have failed to pay the players $16,000 in four months of owed wages agreed for in the player’s contracts.

According to the players, they sent a demand letter in October of last year for their salaries, to which no response was received. After continuing to message Champagne several more times, the players finally received a response from the man, and boy was it not happy.

Champagne criticized how the players prepared their invoices, saying they were done “like children,” and cited that as a reason their pay was withheld.

Even when players were paid, however, their payment was often never in full, with the org deducting part of their salary to cover things ranging from flights to Vegas for the Pro League, lawyers for the players, and other expenses.

Pay would also often allegedly come in late by several days or even weeks, with no word from the org as to when it’d arrive.

Even More Players Speak Out

The H1Z1 players weren’t the only Epsilon players who struggled with pay from the org.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Smooya, who was once a part of the Epsilon roster, has spoken out about having to constantly ask the org to pay him his wage, while another said that they were only ever once paid on time by the org.

A former CoD Pro for the org has also discussed how he is still owed over $10,000 by the team, only adding more fuel to the PR fire.

When questioned by Upcomer about the failure to pay its players, Champagned responded that all outstanding payments for former players had been taken care of or was in the process of being paid, and blamed the issues with the H1Z1 team on the league failing to pay the teams.

He also confirmed that the org will be returning in September after a major staff overhaul.

Given the large outcry over their failure to pay their players, however, it’s hard to imagine any players or fans would want to be involved with them.

We’ll keep you updated as the Epsilon Esports situation develops.


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