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Welcome to our “Contact” page where you can get in touch with the Esports Talk team anytime to share a story, ask questions, or just stop by to say hi! Our goal is to be your top source for esports news coverage and feedback from you is invaluable in helping us achieve that. Over the years we’ve published hundreds of stories that would never have been possible without community members like you getting in touch, and we hold your input in high regard.

Esports Talk aims to always provide you with timely and up to date information when it comes to everything in the world of esports. To that end, our team firmly believes in working hand and hand with the community to ensure that we’re always providing you with the best coverage possible, so feel free to contact us at any time!

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Following popular demand from the community and industry we’re happy to announce the Esports Talk PO Box. Are you a brand looking to send the Esports Talk team a jersey? A fan who would like to send a letter or a package to potentially be featured in an unboxing video? Then feel free to send it our way at the address below.

Esports Talk
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Please keep in mind, that if you’re submitting a news tip or story we recommend you include documentation, evidence, or suggestions on how those additional details can be obtained for the sake of substantiating your information. As a news platform, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to factual accuracy. We may not publish a story if we find that your information cannot be corroborated within reason.

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