Nick All-Star Brawl Developer Talks Crossplay, New Character and Voice Acting

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 17th 2021

There’s a lot of competition coming this next year in the world of crossover fighting games. With WB’s MultiVersus coming in 2022 and Smash Brothers ending, it’s going to be a big competition between these two media giants of the new content coming to the game.

However, MultiVersus seems to be the one game players are looking forward to, as Nick All-Star Brawl launched, missing many of the features that players wanted to be in the base game. While Ludosity and GameMill have been making up for some of the missteps, adding alternate costumes and free DLC characters like Garfield in the game, there are still some other things that players have been asking for. Luckily, it seems like the players are being heard, and there will be some large-scale changes to the game coming out in the next year. 

Nick All-Star Brawl Updates

Appearing on Hungrybox’s stream, a developer from Nick All-Star Brawl has appeared to announce some updates and new features of the game. 

The developer in question is named Diego Hernandez, the working art director for the title. While other developers have shown up on Hungrybox’s streams during the game’s launch, this is the first time that content has been confirmed for the title via this method. Speaking with Hungrybox, the developer revealed some longtime requested features would be added to the game. 


The first thing mentioned by Hernandez is that crossplay will be coming to the game in Q1 of 2022. While originally the game was going to launch with crossplay, there was a problem. The developers wanted some extra time to look into the game’s netcode and ensure it was ready before releasing crossplay onto the title. Now, it seems like they’re wrapping up their final adjustments to the netcode for the title, as crossplay is going to launch in 2022. This will allow players from all platforms to take on their friends as their favorite characters. 

One More Free Character

Released on December 9, Garfield joined the Nick All-Star Brawl lineup after Viacom acquired the rights to Paws Inc. This made the famous feline join the fight, and with a new map and his move, Garfield’s been a fun time for players. On top of this, it was a nice surprise since he’s a free character. Now, Hernandez says that another free character is on its way. They plan on announcing the character very soon, which means it could be announced sometime at the end of the month, or sometime in January.

However, they did say that the game was getting “one more free character.” Hernandez elaborated that more DLC characters will be added, implying that players will have to start paying more characters in Nick All-Star Brawl. Hernandez does mention that he thinks that players will be “very pleased” with the arrangement of new characters coming to the title. 

What the next free character is going to be isn’t known. However, there’s a good chance that Shredder might be the next free character to come to the game since he was the second most complete character in the files of the title, aside from Garfield.

Voice Acting Possibility

While Hernandez didn’t outright say it, he did say his final announcement was that the developers “heard” their calls for a highly requested feature, and they’re going to “hear” it soon. 

Hungrybox became elated on stream and said that whether or not Hernandez outright said it. The developer didn’t deny his claim but raised his hands to say it’s not his place to call that yet. 

This has been one of the most highly requested features in the game. With all the characters not saying anything during battles, players felt like the game lacked polish. This has become a point of contention for the game, with Warner Bros. even using the addition of voice acting in their MultiVersus title as a selling point to get players interested in the game. 

For Nick All-Star Brawl, the scope of who will be receiving lines and how many of the characters will be receiving them isn’t revealed. On top of this, who’s involved with the project hasn’t been revealed yet. Despite it not being a full-on confirmation about the inclusion of voice acting, the developer’s claim could mean that they’re currently in the planning stages of introducing audio from the characters into the game. It’s not in a complete enough state for a proper announcement. 

Regardless, it’s good to let players know that the developers listen to requests for the one thing that will give the title a little more life. 

Overall, it seems like Nick All-Star Brawl will start to be in a position where it’s equal to MultiVersus when the game launches. This may be the game plan for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, as Hernandez has mentioned that the game is doing very well for the developers. 

Esports Talk reviewed the game and said the title is a well-made fighting game but lacks some presentation and modes. However, this may be fixed in the Nick All-Star Brawl updates next year. 


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