Sakurai Explains How Sora Got Into Smash

by in Fighting Game News | Oct, 22nd 2021

With Smash Brothers completing its second DLC pack, the final character was a massive surprise and a perfect fit for the final fighter, being none other than Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Players didn’t expect the character due to the massive licensing from Disney, but somehow, Nintendo and Sakurai made it work in the game.

Now, with Sora joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Sakurai done with the game, he’s taken to his Famitsu column to spill the details on how he managed to get one of the most unlikely characters into the game.

The Famitsu Column

The column was translated and posted onto Twitter thanks to two users. Both @PushDustIn and @KodyNOKOLO teamed up to translate the final Smash Brothers Column after the release of Sora, with their translation and synopsis of the article being published onto Twitter.


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