Ludwig Accidentally Breaks His YouTube Contract

by in Entertainment | Dec, 16th 2021

Ludwig recently signed a major YouTube contract, but in a recent mixup, he breaks that contract. He recently did a stream with his friend slimeIRL to simulcast Smash Summit 12, but that may explain how Ludwig breaks the Youtube contract. It was an honestly funny moment, but hopefully, it doesn’t cause any problems. It was perhaps the briefest stream ever, lasting only a few minutes. He had a hearty laugh about it, but he has an exclusive contract. This means he’s not supposed to be going live on Twitch, but it turns out, that’s exactly what happened, mistake or not.

Ludwig Breaks YouTube Contract, Hilarity Ensues

A recent Ludwig stream began with spam of “LateWig”, acting like he wasn’t online when he clearly was. However, Ludwig was online – just on the wrong platform. It turns out, he had accidentally left his roommate’s Twitch settings in his software, and he spoke up: “Everyone’s spamming late, and I’m like ‘I’m not f**king late, I’m literally live. Oh wait…”

Ludwig was sure he was on Youtube and everything was fine, until this, and he quickly says “Oh sh*t. I’m on Twitch,” and immediately cuts the feed. Ludwig laughed about this in the YouTube stream that followed, joking that his defense in “Alphabet Inc. vs. Ludwig” would be that he calls everything Twitch. He was confused about everyone saying he’s late when he was live.

The look on Ludwig’s face very clearly changes, so it’s unlikely that he did it as a goof, and that it was a genuine mistake. The odds of something negative coming of this are pretty unlikely though. One of Twitch’s biggest names has jumped ship to YouTube after all, and that clip makes it clear that he did not mean to be on the Purple Giant after all. Hopefully, Ludwig doesn’t catch another ban on Youtube over this.


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