Latest CSGO News in 2021

As the king of tactical shooters, CSGO has more than earned its spot at the top of the esports world. With an emphasis on thoughtful movement and superior aim, it’s no wonder that so many members of the esports community see it as the gold standard when it comes to tense, clever, and entertaining competition. Join us here for our CSGO news coverage to keep up with the biggest major events, the top teams, changes to the game, and more.


Jason Parker | January 13, 2021
BLAST has already made a name for itself as an excellent esports tournament organizer. But there’s […]
Jason Parker | January 7, 2021
This is another example of how disgusting people can be when they don’t respect one […]
Jason Parker | December 30, 2020
FunPlus Phoenix just rebranded! While personally, this writer prefers the older logo, it’s not relevant […]
Jason Parker | December 21, 2020
Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut signed a five-year contract extension with Team Vitality to continue to compete […]
Jason Parker | December 21, 2020
“AI Hackathon” challenged people to create a real-time tool that predicts the outcome of CSGO […]
Jason Parker | December 14, 2020
The BLAST Premier 2021 schedule has been revealed for CSGO, and it’s going to be […]
Dustin Steiner | December 10, 2020
CSGO pros at the BLAST Premier League have been in an uproar over BLAST’s decision […]
Jason Parker | December 10, 2020
CSGO is never far away from controversy, and this latest news is no exception. A […]
Jason Parker | December 4, 2020
In 2019, we reported on Team Vitality potentially investing in the Indian esports scene. This is […]
Jason Parker | December 3, 2020
Chaos EC, the esports org headed by Logic and Pusha-T has some unfortunate news today. […]
Jason Parker | November 25, 2020
The British Esports Association is a non-profit that aims to promote and support grassroots esports, […]
Jason Parker | November 21, 2020
XSET’s goal of inclusivity continues with their announced recruitment of the world’s best female CSGO […]
Dustin Steiner | November 19, 2020
A recent interview of former Natus Vincere CSGO IGL (In Game Leader) Denis “seized” Kostin […]
Dustin Steiner | November 5, 2020
Complexity was left in a bit of a jam with the departure of Owen “oBo” […]
Jason Parker | November 3, 2020
In September, Complexity’s Owen “oBo” Schlatter departed the squad and left the team without a […]