Pavlov VR Adds New Game Mode, Push, and New Vehicles in the Game

by in General | Dec, 17th 2021

There’s a lot of VR titles out on the market, from single-player sword fighting games like Blade and Sorcery to multiplayer social apps like VR Chat. However, there are not many multiplayer FPS games on the VR platform. One of the titles that do scratch this itch is Pavlov. This FPS title had players playing with realistic models of weapons while maintaining a style of gameplay that was similar to Call of Duty. Originally the game functioned like Counter-Strike, with the weapons players use being purchased from a buy menu. However, the game became more in line with Call of Duty as more modes were added, including a zombie mode, as well as infected. Now, a new mode they’re calling Push is being introduced into Pavlov VR, and it’s going to include a lot of big changes to the game, including some new vehicles to play around with.

New Pavlov Update

Revealed in a post on Steam, the update for the game introduces the new game mode, Push. It’s a mixture of Search and Destroy, and Call of Duty WW2’s War mode. The game takes place on a large-scale map. Described as a “class-based, progressively changing objective game mode.” Push will have players attack objectives with TNT, which can be defused by the enemy team. If the objective blows up, another objective will spawn in, and players will have to go to that objective to take out the enemy. However, there’s more to the mode than just this. The attacking team has limited resources, so their respawns will dwindle until they don’t have enough to complete the objective. 

The new game mode is currently running on community servers, which means that players aren’t going to be able to tackle Push on official Pavlov VR servers at the moment. This is most likely caused by the lack of official Push maps for the game. However. the mode can be played on Stalingrad, Sanatori, Bridge, Bunker, Container Yard, and Siberia. However, these maps weren’t designed with the new game mode in mind. There’s a chance the developers are going to be looking into making maps for this new mode, in which it’ll be possible for players to jump into the game and play an official version of Push.

New Vehicles

Pavlov VR Tiger Tank

Since the maps are large scale, there’s also going to be new vehicles introduced as well. Back in January, Pavlov VR introduced tanks into the game, which were able to be driven by up to 3 people, with one person driving, one person using the tank’s cannon, and another on a machine gun to take out infantry. The tanks and other vehicles are very popular with the players, and with the right amount of people, can lead to some insane tank battles. With the introduction of tanks, also came the Engineer class for the game. Players who don the Engineer class will be given a special blowtorch that functions the same as Battlefield, putting the blowtorch to the tank will repair it. 

With this new update along with the new game mode, Push, Pavlov VR has introduced some new vehicles in the game, the Tiger tank. Modeled after one of the most formidable tanks of World War 2, the Tiger tank is going to be able to take some extra hits, which is going to be a pain for on-foot players who are attempting to stop the enemy’s advance. Another vehicle added to the game is the 4×4 vehicles, Kubelwagon and Willys MB. These small Jeep-styled cars are going to be an easy way to transport on-foot players around the battlefield. However, while these vehicles are significantly faster than the tanks, and can hold up to 4 players instead of the tank’s smaller capacity of 3 players. They’re very fragile cars, and each of the players is exposed to open air, which means that snipers can take out the driver, or even the passengers of the vehicle.

New Weapons

Pavlov VR Hunting Rifle

On the topic of snipers, a new weapon is being brought back into Pavlov VR, the hunting rifle. This fan-favorite weapon has a special ability. Due to the weapon needing to be loaded one round at a time, the weapon comes with the extra rounds for it on the bandolier on the stock of the weapon. This makes it easier for players to be able to take out their enemies with quicker reloading. 

Another weapon added to the game also directly counters the tanks for on-foot players. While bazookas are an effective way to take out the tanks, being in the line of fire of a heavily armored vehicle is a good way to get taken out when the team needs all the help it can get. Fortunately, the developers of Pavlov have introduced anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines. While these are effective ways for area denial, they’re prone to exploding if they’re shot. This means that players are going to have to stay away from the mines if someone is taking shots at them.

New Maps and Other Updates

The developers of Pavlov VR have also revealed a new map in the game for the original search and destroy mode. This new map entitled “Bunker” takes place inside of a missile silo and it’s going to use the verticality of the silo to help players devise exciting strategies. The map is also a decent size, which is going to give players enough room to breathe, but not enough to make the players forget to check their corners.

Some other maps from the community have also been made to show off the game’s new mode as well. The team working on the game promoted some of the high-quality community maps to show off the new mode. Maps like Snow Trail by KENNITH, Remagen by The Machine, DOG GREEN SECTOR PUCH by HANK, Middle East Push from Wilbur, and Outpost Assault from MessiahPenguin, are all included as maps the developers insist players download. 

Some other upgrades to the title made by the developers include a new scoreboard which now will support up to 32 players in a single game, as well as upgrading the scoreboard for Search and Destroy. The new scoreboard is going to show team economy and bomb possession in the mode. 

On top of this, the mod kit for the game has been updated as well, allowing for official support for Push. This includes players’ ability to change the objectives and help players design their battles the way that they see fit.

Future Updates

Lastly, the developers spend a little time talking about the future of Pavlov VR, aside from the new mode, Push, and other new additions. While the game isn’t going to get any major updates anytime soon, this is because they’re moving to a new version of Unreal Engine. Unfortunately, this is going to have inconvenient side effects. All current workshop maps are going to become incompatible when they make the final move to the new version of unreal engine 4. This means that modders who want to keep their maps on the game are going to have to update their maps to the new version of the game. The developers say that updating maps is as simple as dragging them and dropping them into the new version of Unreal. While it’s more of an inconvenience for map makers in the game, it has to be done, since there’s no proper way to load maps that were built on older versions of the game.


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