PUBG New State L85A3, New Vehicles Release in First Major Update

by in PUBG Mobile | Dec, 17th 2021

PUBG New State was only released last month and players have had plenty of time to get into the latest mobile battle royale game from Krafton. The newest entry in the PUBG series, New State, just received its first major post-launch update and it includes new additions, like the PUBG New State L85A3 and more.

First Major Update: PUBG New State L85A3, Gun Customization

While the first major patch for the game since launch is not too overwhelming with new content for players, it is interesting enough to offer more reasons to come back to the game and see what’s new, like the PUBG New State L85A3 and other content that is available now. 

First and foremost, there is a single new weapon in the game: the PUBG New State L85A3 assault rifle. This AR is the first weapon that we have received since the mobile battle royale game set in the future and, therefore, is fairly powerful in its own right. 

The PUBG New State L85A3 is a Bullpup assault rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo, which is not surprising overall. However, what is unique about this AR is that it has the highest damage period out of all of the assault rifles in the 5.56mm ammo class. 

Not only is the PUBG New State L85A3 the most powerful in this particular category, but it is a longer range beast, meaning that it can dominate at both the mid-range where assault rifles usually shine as well as the longer-range fights as well. 

While a lot is going on with the PUBG New State L85A3 that makes it worth picking up and using in matches, there is a single downside to this new assault rifle to balance it out. That is because it has a pretty low firing rate for a weapon of its category. 

As such, it is highly recommended that this gun be paired with something much faster or better suited to the close-range fights where this gun will struggle considerably. Players will pick up this gun and use it on both battle royale maps of Erangel and Troi. 

Some new gun customization features have been released alongside the PUBG New State L85A3 AR. First up is the vertical foregrip bipod available for the new assault rifle and is a foregrip and bipod in one package. It will reduce the recoil and make it easier to use while crouched or prone but in exchange for a slower ADS speed.

For the M416, there is the new long barrel attachment that you can use. This will increase its damage in exchange for worse vertical recoil. For the SLR, there is a new 5.56mm barrel that will change its ammo type and increase its accuracy in exchange for less damage overall. 

New Vehicles

While there is only one new weapon available in this major update, there are two new vehicles to choose from for your adventures across both Erangel and Troi in 2051. The first of these two is the Electron, an electric minibus that holds up to six players at once. 

Given that it is a bigger and bulkier vehicle than most, this means that it can withstand some damage for longer and be a useful vehicle for full squads out there. Since it has six seats, this also means that players can switch seats around while riding, even with a full party of four players, for the best possible vantage points. 

The Electron is only available on the Troi map and the training grounds. Next up is a much smaller car that is known as the Mesta. This two-seater sports car is a gasoline-based vehicle that can go quite fast on the map, with two different versions available. 

The two versions are the standard one and the open-top one, mainly just affecting the cosmetic look of the car. The Mesta has very fast acceleration and can reach pretty high top speeds on the roads. Unlike the Electron, it can also be found in more locations. Players will be able to check it out on Troi (mainly in certain areas), the training grounds, and even the original battle royale map Erangel. 

Survivor Pass 2 and More Changes

Starting with this new update that has dropped, the second survivor pass is now in PUBG New State. The focus of this particular seasonal pass is Bella, who is from the Dream Runners faction. Players will complete special story missions that will eventually lead to unlocking all parts of Bella’s costumes. 

In addition to that, players will be able to unlock other rewards in the survivor pass’ second volume, like skins, chests, and more. For the premium version, the level rewards have been upgraded while there are brand new rewards like vehicle skins and more costumes to find than before. 

You will be able to get the in-game currency in the pass as well, following in the footsteps of other battle royale titles. By the time that you reach level 48 in the pass, you will have earned all of your currency back from this pass and have enough to purchase the very next one when it eventually drops. 

There are some new rewards for free pass players who do not want to spend real-world money or the in-game currency on the new survivor pass, like the BP chests. The lobby has been updated to match the new time of year that we are in currently. 

Players will find a new winter-themed background plus new lobby music that matches the winter festival theme of PUBG New State right now. The BP store has been updated, too, for this time of year and will have its wintery festival theme going on with it. 

In addition to these expected changes, there are plenty of bug fixes, improvements, and other changes with the first major update for the game since launch. These include addressing some of the issues that we previously had in our review with the game graphically. This includes updating the graphics quality in general and the grass, in particular, on Troi. 

Then for the Station map is the sole location that players can enjoy Team Deathmatch on right now in New State. The spawn points have been decreased in size when it comes to the areas in the back of them. This will ensure that enemy players cannot position themselves behind the spawns and have easy pickings in matches. 

Furthermore, the report button is now always visible in Team Deathmatch for easy access to reporting cheaters, hackers, and toxic players when needed. For more on this new update, be sure to check out all of the other changes and fixes here


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