New K/DA Song to Debut at League of Legends Worlds 2020 Opening Ceremony

by in League of Legends | Sep, 21st 2020

As the Riot Media Preview for Worlds 2020 was coming to a close, we got a bit of a surprise announcement – in what can only be described as “Sombra-esque”, the head of Riot’s Music Group “hijacked” the stream made only for media as a bit of an in-joke. 

It was certainly made of velveeta cheese, but at least the announcement being made was important. K/DA is about to drop their next single after debuting The Baddest at Worlds 2020. This new single will feature Seraphine (voiced by K-pop YouTuber sensation Sera), the new League of Legends champion who only just had her abilities leaked yesterday, as well as a “number of new voices.” 

K/DA Returns to the Worlds Stage

K/DA made waves in 2018 when they stole the show at the 2018 Worlds Opening Ceremony in Seoul, South Korea. Now they’re going to be returning to the stage in Shanghai, albeit for a much smaller in person audience. Riot confirmed that they are examining hosting a small audience in the newly built Pudong Stadium for Worlds 2020, so K/DA will at least have a more intimate show than their one in Korea. 

“Excited to perform for the first time a new song on stage at Worlds with Sera and finally show off how much our style, sound, and group has changed over the last two years,” K/DA said in the “announcement” clip.  “See you in October!”

K/DA’s Pop Stars has shattered records and expectations of fans around the world. It has been streamed 150,000,000 times on Spotify, and the music video has been viewed 370,000,000 times. The Baddest is nearing 40,000,000 streams on Spotify as of press time, according to Riot’s announcement. 

“K/DA will be performing a new song off of their upcoming EP featuring a wide range of talent, including familiar faces, and new collaborators,” Toa Dunn, head of Riot Music Group said. “This includes Seraphine, who will be joining K/DA on stage for the performance.”

What Else Do We Know About the Worlds Opening Ceremony?

The Worlds Opening Ceremony is set to be an epic show, as it always is, and one of the hallmarks of the advancements being made in esports year over year. 2020 is going to be no different, despite the difficulties faced by Riot with the Coronavirus outbreak. 

“Worlds wouldn’t be worlds without a one of a kind show,” David Higdon, Head of Global Esports Communications at Riot Games said. “We wanted to give a quick preview of the technology that’s going to make all of this possible. We’re leaning into our digital strengths to produce a show in true League of Legends esports style. Fans who have tuned into Worlds in past years know that our stage productions in the past have used AR/VR mixed reality tech in inventive ways, where it’s hard to see where reality stops and the magic begins.”

Riot says that over 40 VR and AR techs and artists have come together to put together the show for this year. It’s being coproduced by Possible Productions, who helped put together the MTV Music Awards, the VMAs, and the Super Bowl Halftime shows. They are returning from the 2018 and 2019 opening ceremonies. 

This year, Riot plans to use Unreal Engine 5, modified by Possible Productions, and LuxMC. Riot says that some of the tech being used for Riot’s opening ceremony this year was used to produce The Mandalorian, the Star Wars space western currently gearing up for its second season on Disney+. 

“Worlds will be the first ever live multi-camera production using this technology,” Higdon said. “It’s the most advanced mixed reality rendering system in the world, which will render in real time at 32k resolution and 60 FPS. It’s pretty mind blowing. Worlds 2020 is going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

Worlds 2020 will kick off with the Play-In Stage on September 25. 


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