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  • Will the flagging system in Battle for Azeroth stop some of the wpvp issues?
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    Corey Dieteman
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    Ok, so Blizzard announced a new flagging system for their world pvp element on pvp servers where there was the whole idea of “incentives” to stay flagged behind them. The goal behind the system was to stop player ganking and camping from occurring, which seems like a positive.

    However, I am unsure exactly how the pvp flag system will actually work out in the open world and how it will occur when it goes live. The standard flag that is utilized on pve servers, lets you turn the flag on and off, when you turn it off it’ll be a time period until the pvp flag goes away.

    Now, when a player is getting corpse camped or flight paths are getting camped, that would be a great time to turn your pvp flag off because it is a nonsense situation to find yourself in. There isn’t much you can do after all to fight back against a squadron of players, who most likely have a healer.

    Therefore, I was wondering exactly how Blizzard intended to do the flagging, aka the same as it is now on pve servers except there are incentive buffs to have it on or will players need to go to a city or rest area and change their flag status just like talents?

    I think that may definitely be interesting to force players to go to a rest area to flag on because that stops the random players who are around from just jumping into the pvp battle to crush you.

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    Chris Blain
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    I must say I am quite happy with the war mode additions to the game. With the pre-patch there are some broken elements since the stat squish and some classes are insanely annoying at the moment with more survivability than they should have for the damage output. (cough rogues) But overall – it has been a positive response.

    They changed it from just a rest area to requiring the player to flag up in their capital city – Ogrimmar for Horde and Stormwind for Alliance. This forces players to make a tactical decision and they can’t just go into war mode willy-nilly. Another thing is that it completely phases you from “normal” and “war mode” since you cannot group up with someone not in war mode and vice versa.

    So far, it has been insanely entertaining. The war mode system they put in actually allows you access to some pvp talents while in the open world – which adds more abilities and fun to the game as a whole. The bounty system is also fantastic and is working great – since many of the issues players have had with open world pvp in WoW was the fact that players travel in full groups.

    Not just “a few banded together” but rather – healers – tanks – DPS – the whole shabang. Fighting against a well balanced group is almost impossible and the forums are filled with people complaining about that fact.

    HOWEVER – the bounty system marks multiple players – so when these groups are roving death bands in the area, you can see them on the map and avoid them or try to assemble your own force to take them out. Most of the WPVP issues during Legion had to do with towns and different access points being camped by groups of either Horde or Alliance. If you went over there – you walked into an ambush and it would be quite difficult to get away.

    The bounty system adds a way to deal with that since if you see a bounty on your map or multiple bounties for that matter in the same area, it is most likely a squad and its smart to stay clear. So in terms of stopping some of the wpvp issues – I think it will be a great success. If you want to wpvp – you can – if you don’t want to deal with getting ganked – you can turn it off.

    People are still complaining about wpvp and the groups ganking – but thats a whole different issue.

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