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  • What is your favorite map in WWII and favorite map all-time?
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    Corey Dieteman
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    My favorite map on Call of Duty: WWII must be Sainte Marie du Mont because you can use any type of weapon in it. I personally like to run with a sniper class and this map makes it possible because of the long street in the middle with windows looking across from each other. If I’m not performing as well with the sniper in a match, I’ll turn a run-and-gun class and use a silencer SMG. This map works out well for this because of the corners and easy to move and hide.

    As for my favorite map all-time in Call of Duty must be Crash from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. COD 4 was my first Call of Duty game and I would always vote for Crash when it came up in the rotation. My favorite thing to do in the map would be to get atop of the three-story building and begin snipping from the top.

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    I’m a big fan of Gibraltar in WWII. I think its a pretty balanced map and can be played with any weapon. I think Call of Duty: MW2 had some great maps but my favorite was Favela, because once again you could use any weapon on that map and be successful. It was very balanced.

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