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  • What got you playing DOTA 2?
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    I was interested to see what got people playing DOTA 2 and what the draw of the game was to them. I personally started playing it back in the WarCraft 3 days because I was completely interested in the whole leveling of a hero concept.

    I had played Everquest, and the whole concept of leveling up player heroes was a huge draw. Played the original DOTA, plus sheep tag and tower defenses, god I love sheep tag, until WoW came out. Obviously played wow like a fiend, when LoL came out was slightly interested to relive those DOTA memories, but never pulled the trigger.

    Finally, when DOTA 2 did come out, there was enough of a MOBA market established thanks to League of Legends, and bam had to jump back into that wonderful nostalgic gaming experience. What got other people playing DOTA 2?

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