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  • Any Advice for Someone Getting into Overwatch?
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    Corey Dieteman
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    I have yet to get into Overwatch yet, but I am definitely interested in getting involved with the game. I wanted to check if anyone could provide me with some valuable advice so that I could make the right decision for selecting my character.

    What I wanted to know, what is the easiest role to get into when starting Overwatch for the first time? I know that Overwatch is slightly different from other shooting games, however, I wanted to go with a character that had the ability to just obliterate the other team if I could be on point.

    I have experience with the original Halo games, some Call of Duty and some Destiny, was curious what role was easiest for a new player to try out so they cannot be a huge hindrance to their team? Clearly, I was leaning toward an offensive style character because that is what I am familiar with.

    I do not want to be a deterrent to the team while I am working on getting acclimated with the game, so I was wondering if a support was a smart choice so that I could at least help my teammates out or maybe a defensive character, so I can set up different traps or turrets.

    I wouldn’t really have any idea how to play a tank, even though they have a lot of hp, personally it feels like I would just lumber around looking confused. From what I was aware, tank characters typically lead the charge into battle so that they can get between the enemy and your teammates.

    I would assume that whoever is filling that role needs to be an experienced Overwatch player because clearly you are throwing yourself into the thick of battle right away. Any tips or advice would be extremely helpful, and I appreciate it greatly.

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    It seems I have a strong ability for writing mega posts here, so I’m going to refrain from that with this response. Soldier 76 should be the first character you give a go. Sprint, Assault Rifle, Helix Rocket and a small AoE heal. His ultimate is literally an aimbot. Second character should be Mercy. She gives a really good feel for the level of healing this game has. She heals via an attaching beam, does a damage amp in the same fashion. Has a dash that gets her to teammates quickly. Maybe the most powerful of her abilities, Resurrect. She can use that once every 30 seconds. Her ultimate allows her to fly and her beam will chain from your target to heal more teammates at once. Finally, give Roadhog a try in the take slot. His damage is really high at close ranges, his hook ability allows you to reach out and grab people to bring them in to range for his devastating damage. He has a self heal that also makes him take half damage for the duration. His ultimate is a ridiculously horizontal spread gatling gun that can send damage as well as any ultimate in the game.

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