ZooMaa Rejoins FaZe Clan as a Content Creator

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 5th 2021

ZooMaa is one of the most popular content creators and former pro Call of Duty players in the world, so it is no surprise that he is joining one of the best esports organizations in the world, too. A ZooMaa FaZe Clan deal has been announced, seeing the content creator join FaZe for the future. 

ZooMaa FaZe Signing Revealed

This is not a first-time situation, either, as this ZooMaa FaZe signing is actually a return home for the 26-year old former pro player. This is one of the best places that the player could head to as this will see him now be part of the most prolific and powerful esports organizations in the world. FaZe Clan has finally saw some success in the Call of Duty scene, too, finally nabbing a championship title during the recent 2021 season with the second iteration of the Atlanta FaZe team that included Simp, Abezy, Cellium, and the newcomer to the team, Arcitys. 

The new world champs of Call of Duty are getting a new member of the team for the upcoming 2022 season, but not necessarily as a player. Instead, the ZooMaa FaZe deal will see Tommy join as one of the full-time content creators for the esports company for the upcoming 2022 season. While details about the ZooMaa FaZe contract are scarce at this time, it is likely that it extends beyond just one year, so this could be a partnership that will last for many years to come. After all, this is a team that ZooMaa has some ties to with his previous life as a pro Call of Duty player. 

ZooMaa Made the Sudden Switch to Content Creator This Year

One of the biggest concerns with the ZooMaa FaZe deal is whether or not The Flank, the podcast that shot off during the 2021 season to become the go-to podcast for all of the news and recaps from the main Call of Duty League events, would be continuing or not. After all, this podcast was started with the switch of ZooMaa from a pro Call of Duty player for the New York Subliners roster to a content creator. Just before the start of the 2021 season, Tommy experienced a thumb injury that forced him to retire early and permanently in his career. 

This was quite unfortunate at the time since the New York Subliners were one of the best teams in the 2020 season and one of the most hyped teams going into 2021. They were constantly improving last year to become one of the best by the end of the season and with the addition of Clayster, looked to be really going places. However, this sudden thumb injury forced his retirement since he would not be able to play for a dozen or even more hours a day, which is required of the pros in the Call of Duty League. As such, the Subliners did not kick him from the organization and allowed him to continue on as a content creator.

The Flank Has Become a Major Part of the CDL

There, he created The Flank alongside co-host Ben Nissim and crafted a community that has been one of the best parts of the 2021 season. Having special guests including pros from all over the league and retaining a devoted following that included basically every current and former pro around really meant something. It is also the podcast where we received some true insider info into the Call of Duty League, including rants from C6 that were unfiltered and leaks about the 2022 season, like the fact that Envoy was likely going to be joining the Los Angeles Thieves in the near future. 

But with the drop of ZooMaa’s best buddy, Asim, for the 2022 season and his move to the Los Angeles Guerrillas, it came as no surprise that Tommy soon left the Subliners organization. Fortunately, The Flank and co-host Nissim will be returning but now as part of the Atlanta FaZe content creation. 

The Flank Will Continue as Part of the FaZe Clan Business

There should be no concern about changes to The Flank with the ZooMaa FaZe deal as everything will remain the same, minus the logo that has been changed to feature the new red color scheme to match the FaZe Clan that The Flank is now part of. There was no other team that ZooMaa wanted to join in the Call of Duty League after spending so much of his pro career there. About four seasons-worth of his life was spent as part of the FaZe Clan roster, with the introduction of the Call of Duty League seeing him join New York, instead. 

Tommy was synonymous with the FaZe Clan roster for many years and grew considerably as a pro player there. Though he did not get to be part of the team when FaZe finally won a Call of Duty championship this year, he now gets to join the current world champs as their content creator and will be supporting them in the 2022 season as they attempt to defend their throne.Interestingly enough, the co-host of The Flank, Ben Nissim, has some history with the FaZe Clan as a former employee there. This will be a return home of sorts for both personalities as they will be both coming back to the esports organization in a way that really kickstarted their careers in the esports industry. 

At the same time, it will be interesting to see how involved ZooMaa is with the Atlanta FaZe pro team as he was quite involved with the Subliners, despite not being a player for them this past year. He would give advice and his thoughts on what the team should do, advising in a way, so it will be interesting if he will give that same expertise to Atlanta, which would be great since he has some of the best leadership skills in the business.


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