ZooMaa Is Leaving the New York Subliners as a Content Creator

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 19th 2021

ZooMaa is one of the most successful, popular, and best content creators in the Call of Duty scene, previously making the tremendous transition from pro player in the Call of Duty League to content creator. Now, he has announced a ZooMaa Subliners split that will see him leave his long-time organization. 

ZooMaa Subliners Split Announced

The ZooMaa Subliners split was announced on Twitter, where the former pro player shared a short letter to the community about the change. He started out thanking the New York Subliners for the past two years that they allowed him to be part of the organization, both as a player and creator. 

He gave his favorite memory from the past two years of the Call of Duty League being part of the team and representing New York City on the big stage with their own Home Series Weekend last year. That was an impressive time as New York was one of the only teams that year to win their own Home Series, which almost seemed like a curse for most teams. 

It was quite the impressive finish and one that cemented the New York Subliners, at the time, as one of the best teams in the Call of Duty League with an extremely strong finish to the normal season. He noted in the ZooMaa Subliners split announcement that it was a memory he will never forget. 

From there, we went more specific and began to thank certain people, including all of the owners, players, marketing, content creators, and everyone else behind the scenes at the New York Subliners organization for supporting him while he was part of the team. 

ZooMaa’s Farewell Message Is Quite Positive

As ZooMaa moves on to new ventures soon, he thanks everyone once more and wishes them the best of luck in what they do next. It was an extremely positive and heartwarming post, one that we are especially welcome to see after some players recently had some brutally honest and rather heartbreaking announcements. 

It looks like the ZooMaa Subliners split is a very amicable one, with both parties parting on great terms. This is great to see since this organization helped make ZooMaa the content creator he is today, with The Flank being one of the best parts of the Call of Duty League. 

ZooMaa did not note what will happen to The Flank moving forward, but, presumably, the Subliners will allow him to continue using that name for his podcast show. And better yet, this move could allow him to come into his own and continue to do content how he wants. 

As for why the ZooMaa Subliners might have happened, there are a few possibilities that we can think of, but they are all pure speculation at this point. For starters, the reason that ZooMaa even moved to full-time content creator in the first place was that at the beginning of this year, he had an injury return. 

Why He Might Be Leaving New York

He notes that this injury stops him from playing all day long, as is required from the Call of Duty League pros. He then moved to content creation before the 2021 season began and has become a staple of the Call of Duty scene ever since. 

With this move, he may have been offered a deal as part of a different Call of Duty League organization to create content for them in the future. The Subliners are an awesome team and organization, but they are not necessarily known for their content creation outside ZooMaa. 

As such, he might have found himself a more suitable place as part of another company, like the 100 Thieves, OpTic Gaming, or even perhaps FaZe Clan whom he used to play for in the past. Regardless of where he ends up, there is a chance that past results have influenced this decision, too. 

After all, ZooMaa is seemingly quite close to former teammate Asim, who was dropped by the New York Subliners and has since found himself a new team at the Los Angeles Guerrillas with an awesome roster. This was likely a complicated scenario for ZooMaa and one that may have possibly impacted his move. 

Now, that does not necessarily mean that ZooMaa will suddenly join the Los Angeles Guerrillas organization. Still, there is the chance that Asim leaving might have caused him to pursue other avenues, too. Or, he could have received another deal somewhere else that was much better for the next year. 

We Think ZooMaa Could Be an Amazing Coach

No matter the reasoning behind the ZooMaa Subliners split, it is a very positive one. We are happy to see that for once in the Call of Duty League. Now, on a personal note, as a fan of ZooMaa and The Flank, he is one of the most kind-hearted, funniest, and most intelligent Call of Duty players of all time. 

He knows and plays the game well due to his experience in the industry, but he is a phenomenal coach-like figure. The advice, ideas, plans, and thoughts that he comes up with on the fly are brilliant and something that I think would work wonders as a coach for a pro team. 

Of course, this is something that ZooMaa might not be interested in himself, but I think that he would do a fantastic job as a coach for a team in the Call of Duty League and remain a content creator. Now, as to whether that will ever happen, that is something that we will have to wait and see about. 


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