ZLaner Banned in Halo Infinite Thanks to Disconnects

by in General | Nov, 19th 2021

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is already live on the internet, and ZLaner has managed to get banned twice! The professional CoD player is one of the best FPS players on the planet, but even he has hit a bit of a slump in the game. It only took a matter of hours, but ZLaner was banned in Halo Infinite twice, but not for any cheating. Hopefully, this doesn’t lead to hackusations against ZLaner yet again either. For the most part, people are thrilled about having Halo Infinite on the internet, though it’s not perfect – like the Battle Pass. But why was ZLaner banned in Halo Infinite in the first place?

It’s Not Cheating, Relax Twitter

ZLaner was trying to make some progress and play some games in Halo Infinite, but getting banned curtailed that. This probably didn’t help ZLaner’s reputation, where a vocal minority think he cheats in Warzone. So sudden bans in Halo didn’t help him at all. However, he stated that he’s received a few bans so far, as a penalty for leaving ranked matches. Now, that makes sense – punishing people for ditching ranked is serious and is reasonable.

The problem is that ZLaner wasn’t leaving the matches. The game was consistently crashing and kicking people from lobbies, according to the Green Wall player. Thus, they’re being penalized for errors outside of their control. ZLaner in fact made a tweet about this specifically:

[email protected] any chance you could make the Ranked leaving game penalties lower during the first few days of the game until you figure the game crashes out? I have crashed 5 times today & now can’t play for the rest of the day…”

These bans are pretty serious business, too. Unlike normal games, Halo Infinite banned ZLaner (and anyone else) from entering regular lobbies too! This means ZLaner had to just log off his account for the duration of his bans – six hours a piece and it completely ruined his plans. He’s not likely the only person suffering this either, but it’s important to note that this is a technical beta. There are ups and downs in this situation. While yes, this is a beta, the official ranked season has begun. Having a pro player get repeatedly banned for problems outside of his control is not a good look.

For now, he may have to stick to Warzone and wait for Halo Infinite to mellow out and get the servers under control.


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