Zeus Retiring, BLAST Pro Moscow, More – CS:GO Daily Recap 9/4/2019

By Isaac Chandler

September 4, 2019


zeus retiring

Welcome back everyone to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Hope you all had a great weekend, we know we did here in the US with the holiday. Today we’ve got a look at rumors of Zeus retiring after Blast Pro Moscow, some roster news from around the scene, and the possible return of Freakazoid.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Zeus to Retire?

Zeus is one of the oldest and most storied players in all of CS:GO, but his time as a pro may be coming to an end.

The long-time IGL and support for Na’Vi, who’s played with the team all but one year since 2010, had previously discussed plans to retire at some point this year and may have finally found the perfect time to do so.

According to Dextero reporter Dekay, Na’Vi is looking into replacements for Zeus after the Blast Pro Moscow tournament, which takes place just after the Major. No replacement has been named at this time, but with a little over a week until the two-day tournament, we’re likely to hear something soon.

He might not be replaced at all, however, as seen in a recent video by the team featuring Zeus.

The video appears to indicate Zeus retiring could indeed be in the cards, he seemed like he wasn’t fully certain about it and was waiting to see how the Major goes for them, as a win could see the Ukranian regain his motivation to play.

Whether he stays on or leaves and retires, Zeus will still be active in the scene, as he is currently involved with Pro100, the famous Ukranian team of which he is the current President, and his involvement with the self-founded CIS Esports League.

Zeus could also stay on with Na’Vi has a coach for Boomitch to teach him how to become a stronger IGL, or take the same position at a number of teams, many who would love to have such a strong player training their players.

Wholesome Vitality and Godsent Coming Back

In a bit of happier news for pro-scene fans, word quickly spread around the community this past weekend as Vitality was busing players to the event from France to Germany, in addition to providing team merch and tickets to the event, all for 10 euros. It’s nice to see an org do something like this for their fans and the move has definitely been a great PR move for the org.

Elsewhere in the scene, Jake has heard some crazy rumors this week from an inside source that former org Godsent could be returning to the scene again, this time with a line-up that includes Fnatic’s Brollan.

The move would be highly shocking to see considering Fnatic have called Brollan the future of the org, but stranger things have happened in esports.

The rest of the roster is rumored to be Dennis, Hampus, Disco Doplan, and Twist, so not a bad roster but still rather shocking if Fnatic gives Brollan up.

We’ll keep you updated as the situation continues to develop.

Freakazoid Returns?

Lastly, Freakazoid, the former Cloud9 rifler, announced yesterday that he will be returning to the pro-scene.

The highly popular former-pro didn’t announce which team he would be joining, but given that he looked pretty good on Ghost Gaming and Swole Patrol recently, he could be joining a major team.

With OpTic, the rest of Ghost’s old roster, and Lazarus’ players all currently on the table, along with Coldzera, Aleksib, and Flusha, we could see a new super team or two forming in the next month, especially with 100Thieves looking to break back into the scene.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as we learn more, and thanks for sticking with us today. We’ll be back tomorrow with more exciting CS:GO news.


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