ZenSports Announces First Esports Soccer Tournament

by in Entertainment | Jul, 31st 2020

Now I think we’ve seen it all. ZenSports, the mobile sports betting peer-to-peer marketplace has announced its first-ever esports tournament for soccer! This comes on the heels of them adding esports betting to their platform this past April. This is certainly fascinating news, and we can confirm this is going down on August 15th, with up to 6 players playing in a common soccer game format. Head-to-head, double elimination esports is coming to ZenSports!

Not For Cash, but SPORTS Tokens

Here’s the thing: This isn’t for cash. Gamers will have a shot at winning up to 1,000,000 SPORT tokens, for coming in first place. Currently, that adds up to about 1,000 dollars. For second through eighth place, a total prize pool of 2,075,000 SPORTS tokens will be available, which adds up to about 2,075 dollars. 

If that’s not enough, there’s going to be another special skill competition, where the winner claims 250,000 SPORTS tokens (about 250 dollars). There will be some big-name streamers showing up as well – Themightyped, King CJ0 (DC United), and cisseSZN (Philadelphia Union). Sadly, this tournament is by invitation only, so you won’t be able to sign up for this one. 

Mark Thomas, CEO, and Co-Founder of ZenSports spoke about the Esports Tournament:

“While there is some esports user-generated content available via other channels, no one is combining the ability to register and manage an esports tournament online, while offering betting and prize money in a clean, simple management tool like ZenSports is.”

While it is interesting to give away your own currency instead of real money, this could potentially contribute to gambling problems, if one of the winners already has an addiction that leads that way. It would possibly be more interesting if it were a charity tournament or a real-money tournament. Giving away your own SPORTS tokens guarantees that the money won just goes back into your system. Unless of course, their cryptocurrency tokens can be used elsewhere, in which case, they just hope they go back into their own betting system.

The ZenSports mobile app will provide a lot of the tech needed. This includes registration, the brackets, head-to-head matches so that non-tournament players can watch the results in real-time. Of course, the app will look after managing betting and prize money. 

What Can You Bet On?

For those of you that enjoy esports betting, they added FIFA, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Rainbow 6 Siege to their platform. Just as the bettors can do with League of Legends and CS GO, this will let ZenSports allow betting on a variety of esports leagues and tournaments that come with those sports.

Mark Thomas added further details in a press release:

“Given the high-interest level of betting on League of Legends and CS:GO by ZenSports customers the past few months, and the rising demand of esports betting in general, it makes sense to continue to add more esports titles for betting within our app”, said Thomas. “We believe that esports betting is the fastest-growing segment within the sports betting industry, and we’re excited to continue helping the sport grow.”

This tournament is only for North America right now, but ZenSports did confirm on Twitter that they plan to hold brackets for all regions in the future. We’ll just have to see how successful their first esports tournament is and see where the future takes us. It’s certainly an interesting approach to prize money, that’s for sure.

But how do you feel about a sports betting app hosting an esports tournament? Would you prefer a more traditional sportsbook like in Las Vegas? Will you be tuning in and betting on it, or is that not really your cup of tea? We’d love to know!


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