Zenith, The VR MMO, Launches Early 2022, Beta Starting December 18th

by in General | Dec, 3rd 2021

MMO’s used to be one of the reigning champions of video games back in the early 2000s. A lot of players would spend their time on a single game, grinding out levels and fighting monsters to increase the power of their character, or go on epic quests with their friends. Titles like World of Warcraft, Runescape, and even MMOs geared towards younger audiences like ToonTown, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and Wizard 101 dominated the computers for homes all around the world. However, with the introduction of more powerful consoles and online gaming, the MMO landscape has started to take a backseat, although there are still some MMOs that have stood the test of time. World of Warcraft still has an extremely dedicated fanbase, and Final Fantasy XIV Online became so popular it was almost impossible to get an account. However, there’s one medium that seemingly hasn’t been graced with the MMO yet: virtual reality.

There have been shows about VR MMOs before, like the ever-popular anime Sword Art Online, and some players have wished that a game like that would still be possible, minus the section in the show where the players are unable to leave. However, it seems like those players’ dreams are being answered, as a new MMO is coming out soon, and it’s going to be a VR exclusive.

Zenith, The VR MMO

Enter, Zenith, a VR MMO game developed by the small indie studio known as Ramen VR. The small two-developer team met during the Oculus Launch Pad Program, and then started working on a MOBA under the name Conjure Strike. After completing their first VR Project, the two started using their knowledge of making VR games to begin work on Zenith.

The game’s focus is to bring the type of wonder and excitement found in games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV into the VR world, doing things that only VR can provide for players. The combat is going to be based on the player’s movements, with the game’s melee combat being done by swinging the player’s arms back and forth. However, there are also special moves that can be done like blocking and slamming down from high altitudes. The game is also going to include magic, which appears to be done with gestures through the game’s trailers. This could be compared to another magic-centric VR game, the Wizards. Traversal in the game is also something that players normally can’t do in regular MMO titles. With the game being in VR players are going to be able to climb anything and jump off high ledges and glide through the world for movement, and to land devastating attacks. The game also comes with a flexible character and class system. As of now, the game’s website shows that players can choose from the Blade Master and the Essence Mage. There’s also one more class that hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it’s possible that it’s going to come out sometime before the game launches.

The game promises that players will be surrounded by beautiful fantasy environments, from forests and fields to cities, as the monsters under the control of an evil entity about to break out of its prison surround the player. The game is also going to be social, and allow players to hang out with one another, fight and explore the worlds together, and include the ability to traverse the dynamic map in real-time. Players are also going o be able to participate in unique quests, craft recipes, and forge lasting bonds that will span inside and outside of the game world.

The Beta for the Game

The game is planned for release in 2022. However, players who want to jump into the world of Zenith are going to have their chance soon, as there’s going to be another beta starting on December 18th. This beta isn’t one where players can jump in and start playing right away though. The developers are going to be giving out beta keys for the game when it goes live on the 18th. Those who want to jump in on the fun are going to have to join the game’s official Discord server. The developers are going to be handing out around 1,000 beta keys when the beta drops. However, they’re choosing names out of a raffle, so players are going to have to be in the Discord server and actively join the event. With around 50,000 people on the server, it’s going to be a gamble for players if they want to jump into the beta when it launches.

With this beta being the second from the developer, it seems like the games coming to completion, so the title might not be as far out as some players might think. Regardless, this game looks promising, and with MMO’s being something a lot of players have a hard time getting into, there’s a chance that moving the platform from flat screens to VR might be a good move to get players who normally don’t play MMO’s into the game without much issue. There’s still time to jump into the Discord for the game and pick up some entries to see if players are lucky enough to give the game a test run, so head on over if you want to try your hand at grabbing one.


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