Zed Joins London Royal Ravens Starting Lineup

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 3rd 2021

One of the most difficult announcements in the Call of Duty League that fans have to deal with is one player they like. It happens fairly often. The latest one has happened, involving the London Royal Ravens and pro player Zed. 

Zed Is Joining the London Royal Ravens

Zach “Zed” Denyer is a Call of Duty pro player returning to the spotlight once more with the announcement that the London Royal Ravens are signing him as one of their team members. The announcement was shared early this morning in preparation for what’s to come later today. 

Most recently known for being part of the Paris Legion team during the 2020 Call of Duty League season, he is no stranger to the top competitions in the business as someone who has been around for years now in the Call of Duty competitive scene. 

Interestingly enough, though, Zed will not be joining the London Royal Ravens as a substitute player but instead as one of the starting members of the main lineup for the group. This will allow him the chance to show his skills among the elite of the Call of Duty League once more. 

It may seem weird for the pro player to return to the league after being in the Challengers division for a while now, but this is because of some unforeseen circumstances that have happened recently and less to do with the Royal Ravens looking to scout him for the roster. 

Zed Will Replace Alex Temporarily

The announcement made it clear that Zed is joining the London Royal Ravens starting roster to replace one of the players that were now formerly on the main lineup. But this isn’t necessarily because of performance issues from that player but something else entirely. 

Due to some “personal family matters,” Alex will be traveling back to the UK for the time being and will, therefore, not be able to compete in the current 2021 season for now. Thus, the London Royal Ravens are now without one of their leading players, which is something they are already familiar with. 

Since they are already without one of their leading players, to begin with, and now with the loss of Alex temporarily, it was clear that the team needed to bring in someone new to replace the starting player for the time being. As such, it seems that Denyer is going to be that player for now. 

The announcement made it abundantly clear that this will be a temporary scenario, or at least is being planned as such. It seems that Zach Denyer will be joining the starting roster for the first Major tournament of the year to conclude the first stage of the competition. 

This Isn’t the First Starting Player London Has Had to Replace

That is noted in the announcement, certainly making it seem like he will be playing for the team for this upcoming Major event and potentially for little else beyond that. However, depending on how long Alex is needed in the UK, this newfound partnership could last longer. 

As you may already know, one of the big focal points this season is having everyone in the U.S. to ensure that the connection for the remote gameplay will be the best and most fair that it can be for everyone involved. 

This has led to issues in the past with the London Royal Ravens, particularly as one of the other starting players for the team, Zer0, has been unable to compete either due to the current visa issues in the UK. That led to him needing to be replaced at the very beginning of the season. 

Parasite has played for Zer0 for the season’s duration thus far, and now with Alex on leave for a bit, it looks like the second unexpected lead player for the Royal Ravens has been revealed. It will be intriguing to see how Denyer plays with this team that he is quite familiar with, after all. 

Dylan and Seany are players that he knows well, having competed with them previously during the Black Ops 4 season, so there should be some familiarity there for the players. Zed could fit in quite well, then, and have some excellent performances for the London Royal Ravens in the Major. 

London Royal Ravens Are the Worst Team in the Season Thus Far

They are certainly going to need it since they have been doing quite poorly during this 2021 season. As we expected, the London Royal Ravens are among the worst teams in the season thus far. They are ranked in last place with no wins at all to their record. 

They are the only team in the league that doesn’t have a single win, placing them in a very bad position for the future. This is the end of the first stage. There are four more to come after this, so if the team wants to improve and have a place at the table with the other great teams, change needs to start. 

It is quite disappointing to see a top four team like London Royal Ravens fall so far, but that is no surprise after the controversial decision to drop everyone from the roster last year except one. Hopefully, Zed can help them out in the Major as they will be playing very soon.

The Major begins today, and the London Royal Ravens will have the first match of the tournament, going up against the Toronto Ultra. Both teams have stumbled this year and are, thus far, shadows of their former selves, but Toronto does have the edge here, for sure. But with a new face on the team, perhaps that is what the Ravens need to start making a comeback. 


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