Zayt Thinks Using Controllers in Fortnite is Cheating

by in Fortnite | Mar, 1st 2021

Zayt sparks a familiar debate again, saying using a controller in Fortnite is cheating. Well, that’s definitely a take. At least he’s not the only one, as Ninja certainly seems to agree. Epic Games has certainly nerfed the aim assist that comes with controllers in the past, but the power of words is important. The definition of cheating is to “act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.” Can it feel unfair to be popped by someone who has a bit of an aim advantage? Of course. But if it’s in the game, put there by the developers, is it really cheating? Zayt sure seems to think so.

Heated Debate; Which Side Are You On?

To be sure, there are definitely people on Zayt’s side here. There’s talk of the ability to easily move diagonally on a controller being similar to a speed hack, and of course, the aim assist. There are differences between playing with a keyboard and mouse and a controller. The aim assist is there to compensate for the fact that it’s much harder to line up shots with a thumbstick as opposed to on a keyboard and mouse.

In a tweet by Zayt himself, his stance was simple enough:

Aim Assist has been nerfed by Epic Games though, but that doesn’t stop Zayt from saying Fortnite controller players are cheating. I just think cheating is a really strong word for it. Is it unfair? Possibly. But it’s in the game, so it’s not cheating. A few players have said “Just start playing with a controller then,” which isn’t the most unreasonable request. Maybe if enough pro players just use controllers on PC/elsewhere, it will spur more conversation about its power.

Several big names in the Fortnite community have all spoken up about this though. It’s not a new discussion, that’s for sure. At least Epic’s not alone though. Several companies have been shouted at for their poor Aim Assist. Aim Assist is something that’s just going to be necessary in shooters that have crossplay. It’s just not going to be fair for console players. Telling console players to “just go on PC lol” is not a good response. With the advent of crossplay, this kind of discussion was bound to come up. As long as it was only console vs. console, Aim Assist is moot, because all players have access to it. PC players can use controllers too though. Does Fortnite’s aim assist need some work? I wouldn’t be against it. But Zayt’s claim of Fortnite controller players is the same as cheating is kind of a bold thing to say.

Claims of cheating aren’t new to Zayt either though. Last year, Zayt accused Tfue of cheating/using macros, after all. While the opinion on this is certainly divided, we hope that a spark of discussion is had, and perhaps some changes are made to how Epic Games handles Fortnite’s aim assist.


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