Zaptius Replaces Dylan for the London Royal Ravens

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 20th 2021

The Call of Duty League is getting closer to the start of the third stage of the current 2021 season, and it looks like there are even more roster changes on the way at the last minute. One of them is surprising as the London Royal Ravens have announced that Zaptius is joining the roster. 

London Royal Ravens Add Zaptius to the Roster

This new change for the Royal Ravens is so surprising because the team had already made some major changes previously to its roster and was improved because of that. We didn’t expect the team to make more anytime soon, so this is interesting. 

The Royal Ravens announced that Zaptius would be the latest addition to the team, joining the other three members of the starting roster for the upcoming third stage. The tweet announced that the West Coast connection just got stronger for the team. 

This is a bit ironic since the Royal Ravens are supposed to be a team based in the UK but have increasingly become more diverse since the start of the 2021 season. For this third stage, Zaptius will join the team and potentially beyond that, depending on how he does in the upcoming events.

The most surprising part of this change is that it didn’t seem like the London Royal Ravens were looking for a new addition to its roster anytime soon. With the addition of PaulEhx last stage, it seemed like the roster was pretty set in stone at this point. 

Dylan Has Been Moved to the Bench

You may be wondering who has been dropped from the starting lineup since we haven’t had any announcements of players leaving the team yet. Well, it just so happens that the announcement also happens to secretly reveal who the unfortunate drop from the starting roster is. 

The tweet announcement revealed that Zaptius would be joining Seany, Zed, and PaulEhx for the third stage of the season. One notable name is missing from this list, and that is none other than Dylan. He has been seemingly moved to the bench for the foreseeable future to make way for the new player. 

Zaptius is someone you may have already heard of before because he has a particularly strong connection to one of the existing London Royal Ravens players. PaulEhx is his former teammate from the brilliant Challengers division team known as WestR. 

This team made waves earlier this year when it was able to win the entire first stage of the Call of Duty League 2021 Challengers division. Since then, pro teams in the main league have been picking up players from the roster due to their strong performance and potential talent. 

PaulExh Rejoins Former Teammate Zaptius

PaulEhx is now being joined by his teammate Zaptius once more, and it remains to be seen how their preexisting synergy will do for the London Royal Ravens in the main league play this stage. However, this is far from the first time that Zaptius has competed as part of the big leagues. 

The last time we saw him on one of the major pro teams was during his stint as part of the Midnight Esports team during the 2019 Black Ops 4 season. This is his long-awaited return. He is still pretty young, seemingly in his prime based on his recent Challengers performance. 

While it is going to be unfortunate for fans of Dylan and his long history in the Call of Duty esports, it could mean good news for the London team. They saw some signs of life with the addition of PaulEhx and have performed well in most matches in the second stage but won few of them. 

It seems that they are just on the precipice of something great soon, and Zaptius might be the final link needed to complete the roster for the rest of the season. Now is the time for the team to turn around, as it will be harder than ever after this point. 

London Royal Ravens Still Has a Small Chance of Making the Top 8

We are nearing the halfway point of the 2021 season. There is still a chance for any team to make it into the top eight in time for the playoffs. Even London in last place has a chance if it shows up and does well for most matches from now on. 

It currently has 30 points in last place, 20 points behind the next two teams in the Seattle Surge and Paris Legion list. From there, it is Florida Mutineers and the Los Angeles Guerrillas with 60 and 70 points, respectively, that stand in the team’s way currently of the top eight. 

The Royal Ravens have a very tough time in the third stage due to the group that it was placed in. The other five teams include the Atlanta FaZe, Seattle Surge, OpTic Chicago, LA Thieves, and New York Subliners. I would argue that this group is the most insane one in this stage, with four of the best teams in the league. 

London will need to secure at least three of the five matches that it does, which will be very difficult in this group. The first two matches in week one of the stage are up against OpTic Chicago and the Los Angeles Thieves. London can win one of these matches, but it will take some serious practice with their latest addition to even come close to the Cinderella team we saw in the 2020 playoffs. 


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