YouTube Gaming Announces Mobile Esports Tournament

by in Entertainment | Aug, 20th 2020

When we saw that YouTube announced a mobile tournament, we were admittedly hoping to see that lots of people could enter for a shot at immortality in victory. YouTube Gaming announced this mobile tournament, where seven content creators will do battle in Brawl Stars, PUBG Mobile and Clash Royale. Quite a few big names have tested the waters and streamed on YouTube lately, seeing huge results.

It’s going to be a “celebration of mobile gaming,” and on top of that, it’s for charity. It would have been nice to see lots of players competing for a real-money prize pool, but charity is a much stronger goal. So, we’ll have seven gamers competing for $50,000 to go to a charity of their choice.

It’s All for One Good Cause

After all, charity is never a bad thing. Clash with Ash, Orange Juice Gaming, KairosTime, Medalcore, Lex, Her Gaming and Powerbang Gaming will battle across the games mentioned above to give to a charity of their choice.

There aren’t many details quite yet, but we know that it will be streamed on the VidCon YouTube channel on Aug. 27 at 1 p.m. CT. But this move as a whole is not too shocking. Many mobile gamers seem to prefer YouTube to Twitch or other platforms. In particular, quite a few PUBG Mobile streamers like MortaL and Sc0utOP typically have 100,000+ concurrent viewers in their YouTube streams.

Ryan Wyatt, the global head of gaming for YouTube, has gone on record to say that it was making “significant strides” on live gaming. Perhaps this means they’re going to try and be an actual competitor against the titan of streaming, Twitch.

Wyatt had this to say on Twitter: “We’ve been making some significant strides on the Live Gaming front here at @YouTubeGaming. It’s good to see a handful of creators consistently pull 100K CCU+ every time they go live on YouTube (Scout, Mortal, DrDisrespect, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, etc.). So much more to come!”

It’s a great thing to see more people embrace mobile gaming. It’s often treated as lesser in the gaming sphere because it’s “mobile” instead of being on a PC or console. But it is valid; it is awesome. Hopefully, this YouTube Gaming mobile tournament will show just how much skill and personality there is in the mobile gaming space.


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