Your Existing AM4 Cooler Might Work With AMD’s Upcoming AM5 Socket

by in General | Aug, 24th 2021

AMD’s Zen 4-based CPUs are all but guaranteed to usurp the market in all the right ways. Still, the fact that they’ll utilize a brand-new socket (appropriately named AM5) took a lot of folks by surprise. We’ve all become so used to AM4 that we sort of forgot about AMD’s plans — all of which were made official years ago.

According to a leaked schematic (courtesy of TtLexington), AMD’s upcoming LGA1718 AM5 socket could retain compatibility with basically all AM4 coolers because its retention mechanism isn’t going to change much. This means that, assuming you’re currently rocking an AMD Ryzen processor, you’ll be able to just swap out your CPU and motherboard and reapply your existing cooling solution. That’s quite nifty, to say the least, and it’ll not only save you some money but a fair bit of hassle as well. Most manufacturers (like Noctua, for instance) always send out free mounting kits if you get in touch, but it’s still a layered process that can take up to a month.

A Modest Increase in TDP

A lot more has leaked other than just mere mounting schematics — we’ve also found out the TDP rating of AMD’s upcoming Raphael SKUs. Higher-end models will now be rated for 120W, an increase of 15W over AMD’s current offerings. Additionally, the top-of-the-line 170W behemoths will still require a beefy cooling solution (preferably a 280mm AIO), so definitely prepare to invest if you plan on purchasing one of these cutting-edge processors once they hit the market!

In fact, that holds true regardless of your AMD processor of choice as you’ll need a 600-series motherboard as well, alongside DDR5 RAM. These RAM modules will surely be blazingly fast and that, in short, simply cannot come cheap.

In any case, we can’t wait to see what AMD is currently working on! If their recent track record is anything to go by, we should be in for one heck of a show!


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