You Can Play ARAM in Wild Rift For A Limited Time

by in League of Legends | Apr, 5th 2021

For the next three days, you can take part in an ARAM test for Wild Rift! One of the most fun, popular modes in League of Legends, the exciting, chaotic mode is coming to the mobile version of League of Legends, temporarily at least. There’s no telling what will happen in ARAM, so what’s going down, and how can you take part?

All Random All Mid

Revealed on Twitter, Riot Games told people to get their snowball-throwing arm ready because ARAM is coming to Wild Rift for a few days! A three-day test has begun and will be available until April 8th, so don’t miss out on it. While current 5 vs. 5 matches in Wild Rift are planned and last about 15 minutes, ARAM is something completely different.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, ARAM is also a five versus five-match, but it only has one lane. Players are randomly assigned a champion to play on the snowy Howling Abyss map. You can still reroll once, at least. It will likely also be incredibly short and will play the same. Players cannot recall, and the spawn platform won’t regenerate your health if you walk back onto it. Once you step off the platform, you can’t buy items until you die. ARAM is a lot of fun, and if you’re looking to randomly try a champion, see what they’re all about, and get into some nonstop chaotic fights, ARAM is where you want to be.

Riot Games is also testing a position assignment system, so you can pick what role you want to go into, like in League of Legends. While that’s fun, and I’m excited to return to my Support-only queue, I cannot wait to see how ARAM plays in Wild Rift. In fact, that’s what I’m going to take a peek at today – as soon as I have the free time to. Don’t worry if you miss ARAM though. While this is only a three-day test, the mode will come to the game in a full release at a later date.


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