xQc Makes Light of Twitch’s ToS Announcement

by in General | Dec, 22nd 2020

Twitch recently announced to ban the words “simp,” “virgin,” and “incel” in their ToS announcement. This has caused xQc and others to mock the move openly. Please note this has nothing to do with Twitch clarifying their stance on the N-word. This is purely about banning words like “simp.” He points out what we were already thinking about the ToS change: this move applies to “literally nobody.” Many communities already openly call their fans simps, as a term of endearment. 

What’s the Point?

This doesn’t even go into effect until Jan. 22 anyway. Words like “simp,” “virgin,” and “incel” will subsequently be banned. Though it won’t be a blanket ban, it will be on a case-by-case basis. If Twitch thinks this is going to stop people from using them, that’s foolishness. Usage of the word simp, for example, has already gone up by about 97% since the announcement happened.

“The new ToS are a little specific for my liking,” said xQc. “To be honest, it doesn’t really change anything. I don’t think the new ToS applies to anybody. I’m going to be honest, the new ToS applies to literally nobody. It’s a non-issue.”

We’re with xQc here, to be honest. If Twitch’s ToS change was to protect people who were harassed and harmed, straight white males are not exactly on the top of the totem pole, and xQc/others already see that.

He’d have to do something pretty crazy to get banned for using these words in the first place. The example xQc is incredibly specific and not recommended either. He joked: “Look at him, this f***ing virgin, holy sh**. Guys, go in his chat and tell him he’s a virgin.”

He treated it like he was going to a smaller stream with his huge following to call someone a virgin. Is virgin even an insult in the first place? We hope that larger streamers don’t do things like this because we could see punishment handed out for that kind of toxicity. The point does stand that xQc is right because the Twitch ToS announcement is foolish on its face. He also points out that he would have to do stuff like that for weeks to get punished.

This would have been much better served for people harassed on streams, such as women and trans persons. But simp? Incel? Virgin? What protected group of people does this upset? He doesn’t think this change will make any impact, and we’re inclined to agree. We’re all for protecting streamers from being harassed. But wanting to protect people in the minority, that need it is significantly different from banning the word simp.

We feel people will flood Twitch with claims of these words used, so they can’t deal with them all. That’s not what we’re suggesting, but it certainly could happen. We don’t understand why this was the decision that was made instead of words that make an impact on others’ lives.

He isn’t the only person to take shots at Twitch for this. The always outspoken Dr Disrespect also fired back at Twitch for the recent announcement. It made no sense. It’s wildly unpopular and ridiculed at just about every turn. Where do you stand? A fan of the move, or is it just a silly decision with little thought behind it? Let us know on social media!


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