xQc Loses 2 Million Followers at Once on Twitch

by in Entertainment | Apr, 14th 2021

xQc is the biggest Twitch streamer in the world and that is an undeniable fact when you take into account the number of followers that the person has plus how he is the most watched streamer at this time. However, that could be changing soon as the xQc followers have gone down considerably.

xQc Loses 2 Million Followers at Once

How much exactly? Well, the overall xQc followers on Twitch have gone down an unbelievable two million in total all at once. The craziest part is that this is not because Felix “xQc” Lengyel did anything to make everyone mad or disappoint his massive fanbase.

And it has nothing to do with a weird glitch or anything like that happening, resulting in two million xQc followers on Twitch suddenly unfollowing by accident, either. This is seemingly a legitimate loss and it seems that the reason this has happened is actually Twitch itself’s fault.

According to TwitchTracker, one of the biggest stats trackers out there for content creators like xQc, it looks like the content creator has just this week lost a little over 2.2 million Twitch followers and only gained a few thousand to offset that insane loss.

That is unbelievable and unprecedented in the content creation space as we have only ever seen huge losses like that because someone did something terrible or because of a weird glitch in the backend that resulted in a mistake happening to the number of followers or subscribers.

Twitch Has Removed Bot Accounts

But, in this case, it seems to be Twitch’s fault. According to a tweet from the official Twitch Support Twitter profile, it has been monitoring the rise of “fake engagement” on the Twitch platform. Fake engagement meaning fake followers, viewers, and the like who artificially boost someone’s account.

xQc Is Still the Most Viewed Streamer at This Time in 2021

He now has just under 5.2 million followers on Twitch at the time of writing this, making a huge dent in the fanbase that he once had. It seems that a huge fraction of his followers were actually bots who were artificially making this Twitch account look a bit bigger than it was.

Of course, before anyone goes saying anything about him on social media, this does not mean at all that xQc himself had anything to do with the bots. It is unlikely since he has immense success without them and this likely has to do with the rabid fans that he does have that would go to such lengths to ensure he is the biggest around.

He still has a huge fanbase, though, and one that has helped him to be the most-watched streamer in 2021 at this time. Removing these bot accounts, though, could see his viewership go down some but not so much that he won’t be the massive hit on the platform as he has been.

After all, controversy is something that xQc has been involved with in the past and that has yet to stop the content creator from being one of the most successful in the business. This is a significant blow to his community but not one that will likely slow him down much at all, so fans of xQc shouldn’t worry.

xQc Is Unlikely to Be the Only Streamer Affected by This

What we should keep in mind, though, is that xQc is unlikely to be the only content creator who is affected by these changes in the coming days and weeks. It is highly likely that we will see at least a few more Twitch streamers have their followers and viewers go down because of the banned bots.

After all, the amount of bots who were following and supporting xQc only accounts to a little over two million, or not even a third of the total bot accounts that Twitch banned. That means that there are more than five million other bot accounts who were following and viewing other streamers out there.

Even more importantly, there was nothing stopping the initial two million bot xQc followers from following and supporting other hit content creators, too. It just depends on what they were programmed to do or if they were only meant to support him.

This means that there are at least five million followers lost across the rest of Twitch somewhere and, again, that is only if the bots were following just one account on the platform. For now, xQc is just the creator who we have noticed thus far but there are likely other ones as well.

It is also possible that this is a rolling change that could be happening over time and we might not see all of the accounts disappear just yet. But be sure to check out the content creators who matter to you and see how their community is fairing after this major removal of bots.


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