xQc Joins Luminosity, Organization Announces New Rising Stars Program

by in Entertainment | Oct, 1st 2020

Luminosity Gaming confirmed on Thursday afternoon that Felix “xQc” Lengyel is joining the team, as initially reported by Esports Talk back in August. Alongside this announcement, they’ve revealed that xQc will be participating in the new “Rising Stars” talent search program, in an effort to find the “next superstar gamer.” 

The release likens this new program as “The Voice” but for gamers, hoping to find the next great unknown gaming superstar. The Grand Prize winner of this new competition will receive a $100,000 salary from Luminosity and will be added to their roster. 

xQc Finally Confirmed on Luminosity

Enthusiast Gaming finally confirmed the news after denying reports, including ours, that xQc would be joining Luminosity. This continues the ongoing narrative of teams denying reports until they are ready to confirm the news themselves – something that teams have been notorious for, even if the error is in their own press releases. 

This comes as a big win for Luminosity, who can now use xQc as an ambassador for the Vancouver Titans, as well as a general content creator in a number of different titles. xQc remains one of the most popular Twitch streamers on the platform, despite a slight falling off from his peak popularity. 

Luminosity likely had budget freed up when a number of Fortnite streamers departed the organization and formed “The One Percent,” as evidenced by the recent influx in creators to the team. 

Luminosity Launches Rising Stars Program

The Rising Stars program will take place online for six weeks beginning in the fall. Gamers can submit an entry, from which 40 contestants will be invited to audition live on Twitch. The celebrity judges will then vote the top 8 onto the next round, from which two finalists will emerge. The Audience will have the ability to resurrect their favorites back into the finals. The final showdown will see one of the final top three crowned as the Rising Star. 

The judges include top Luminosity influencers and content creators, xQc, Anomaly, Muselk, RockyNoHands, Fresh, Problem, ShivFPS, Pinky, Kaidoz, Allenownz, Tori Pareno, Legendaley, Sommerset and Melt.

“We are building the largest social network of communities for gamers and esports fans, and the Rising Stars series is yet another way we connect and interact with our 300 million monthly gamers to provide exciting and engaging content. It’s only natural for us to look within these communities for the next rising star, which is comparable to popular shows, ‘American Idol’ or ‘The Voice,’ but for gaming,” commented Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming. “Gaming is the social network for the Gen-Z and Millennial audience, and we are confident Rising Stars is something that is not only wanted and craved, but that it is also inspirational and aspirational to those watching and competing. As we continue to grow our brand and esports organization, we believe in the importance of keeping true to our communities, and all that they stand for.” 

This is not the first Rising Stars program that Luminosity and Enthusiast Gaming has run, as in March 2019 they supported three competitors in Smash Melee, Ultimate, and Fortnite on their tournament journeys. Now Enthusiast Gaming is banking on their engagement of over 300 million impressions to find the next great gaming star and bring them inhouse to Luminosity. 

Applicants can sign up on the Risingstars.gg website, with the entry period closing on October 10. The panel will select the top 40 along with Twitch Chat (who will count for two judges.) They will then go head to head on both skill and style which includes “components of strategy, leadership, communication, personality and awareness.”

The shows will air every Tuesday and Thursday from October 13 to November 5. The finals will take place during EGLX Digital from November 10-13, where the judges will decide on the next great rising star. 


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