xQc Hypes Up Subathon With June Start Date & Huge Plans

by in Entertainment | Apr, 29th 2021

Remember how we said it was unlikely that anyone would be attempting Ludwig’s insane subathon goal anytime soon? Well, it looks like we’ll have to eat our words on that one as Felix “xQc” Lengyel has revealed that he’s getting ready to announce a subathon of his own with an early June start date. He’s even already revealed some of his plans for the event, and they sound suitably epic and manic, fitting for someone of xQc’s personality.

Some of his plans include a Gym stream, which he says he will be converting part of his three-car garage into, and having the help of a dedicated producer who will have a “command center” built in that area as well and will assist xQc in transitioning from scene to scene so he can focus on entertaining his audience.

The stream’ start date is set for June 1, meaning fans should have plenty of time to prepare for xQc’s run at the subathon record.  xQc was quick to note that nothing’s “official” yet because it’s a lot of setting up.

What Is xQc Planning This Time?

xQc chatted with some of his followers in his discord, as captured by xQcOWUpdates on Twitter, breaking down some of what his epic plans would be, as well as the insane level of preparation a stream like this takes.

“No lie though, I was getting staff for the subathon yesterday, splitting up tasks in groups and finding techs because I’m upping the level this time,” he said. “I cashed out my gambling money, I’m investing $50,000 on this setup. I’m not going to do a PC building stream because there’s too many to build. One outdoor computer, one outdoor sleeping setup, 2 full interior setups, 1 gym setup, and a moving setup.”

xQc already has a good start. According to Twitchtracker, xQc already has 76,000 subscribers at the time of writing. He’s a far cry off from Ludwig’s current subscriber level of 184,000, but with the subathon coming and people ready to flood in, it’s quite possible that with his starting level, he can easily catch up.

This could result in a massive payday for xQc, who already makes a killing off of Twitch. It’s not been revealed if xQc will be donating any money to charity for the subathon, which could increase the amount of money he’ll be taking home, or if he’ll be matching any subscriptions with gifted subs or anything of that nature. With everything that Ludwig did in that regard, he still managed to take home over $200,000, at least according to crowdsourced number crunching. That number could be slightly higher or lower depending on several tax factors, but it’s still impressive – before his charity and tax deductions, he grossed over USD 1 million.


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