xQc Cheats in Fall Guys Tournament, Called Out by Shroud and Tyler1

by in General | Nov, 16th 2020

Now, this is an interesting discussion to come up. The fans’ discussion is split here, with xQc fans saying he wasn’t cheating in Fall Guys and that if we want these things not to happen, changes and rules need to be put in place distinctly. But xQc stopped a still-competing player from getting a qualifying spot, so one of his teammates could instead acquire it. That sounds wildly shady and not the actions befitting of someone with such a huge fanbase. This wasn’t even for first place and ultimately did not change the game’s outcome, but it was still a disappointing move to see in a competition.

Strange things were afoot during Glitch Con.

xQc Admits to Wrongdoing

xQc had been eliminated but still tried to stop another player from winning, solely to aid his team. It was shameful, and as we said, quite a few people think what he did was fine. How does xQc feel about the Fall Guys cheating incident?

His tweet said the following: “Stop defending my everywhere for no reason. We got into the final game with @DrLupo and @shroud’s team. We shouldn’t of done it and it was wrong. I’m sorry for my actions. I thought it would be funny. It did not change the outcome but it was still malicious. Sorry.”

There was money on the line here, after all. But with or without money, a player shouldn’t openly commit actions like this in competitive gaming. It’s an integrity thing; lots of young kids watch xQc after all, and if they see him cheating in Fall Guys or elsewhere, they will see that it’s perfectly fine for them to do it.

Shroud and Tyler1 both reacted to this on social media, wondering if there should be a punishment handed out. After all, this happened in a tournament with money on the line. Shroud’s response seemed more stunned than anything. “I’m in disbelief, he literally just made Twitch history, that never happened before. No big partner has ever done that.”

Tyler1 agreed with Shroud that if xQc does something like that again, all respect they have for him is completely gone. Should xQc be punished for this? He openly stream sniped during a tournament to make sure their opponents were eliminated. Stream sniping is against ToS, and this certainly could result in a ban. We imagine the xQc fans won’t be happy about it, but Felix admitted that he was wrong.

While Tyler1 doesn’t think xQc should receive a ban, he does think a warning is in order. This is undoubtedly a situation that has divided people. Should xQc receive the same penalty anyone else does or is he above punishment, based on how big his fanbase is?

Given how flippant Twitch is on punishments in general, we won’t be shocked if nothing comes of this. Nothing has been done right now, but it won’t be a moment soon forgotten.


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