XQC Explains Why He Stopped Hosting Streamers

by in Entertainment | Dec, 21st 2020

In theory, hosting can be a great way to show off the content of other streamers. It’s a great way for a smaller streamer to get some exposure when a larger name hosts their content as it’s going out. Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell has stopped hosting streamers, and the reasons are fairly shocking. It’s a very “Sad But True” situation, but xQc went into the reasons over the weekend.

Death Threats and Potential TOS Breaking

Whether it’s a major streamer like xQc, S1mple or Pokimane hosting a smaller content creator, or an esport highlighting their smaller regions on the big stage, hosting streamers is great. However, xQc no longer feels like it’s worth it to go hosting streamers anymore. But why?

During a recent stream, xQc himself was asked why he doesn’t host people anymore, and he explained there’s a mixture of reasons. From death threats to a worry of breaking ToS (Terms of Service), xQc decided to stop hosting other streamers period. 

xQc had this to say:

“When I became a bigger streamer, I started getting a lot of backlash for hosting, and it made me feel bad. There’s a couple of instances where I’ve gotten death threats for hosting, because people said the community sucked and that I intoxicated their chats. Then they put a new ToS in where, if I host somebody, and viewers do something anti-ToS, that could get me into trouble.”

Necessary For a Toxic Community

It’s no big secret that xQc has an unfortunately toxic community. We can certainly see how his crowd could show up and ruin someone’s day. Perhaps if xQc had a more positive community, this would have been less of a problem. Though one of the notions does have some merit. If say, xQc hosted someone and they decided to throw the streamer under the bus, they could break ToS, get punished, and also have xQc be punished too.

Twitch’s rules are as follows:

“Creators should consider the consequences of their statements and actions of their audiences; we ask that you make a good faith effort to quell any efforts from those in your community to harass others. Twitch should not be used to incite, encourage, promote, facilitate, or organize hateful conduct or harassment, whether on or off Twitch. We will suspend communities, organizations, and individuals that do so.”

One of the big takeaways here is “we ask that you make a good faith effort to quell any efforts from those in your community to harass others”, and that doesn’t happen often enough from some of the bigger communities, xQc’s in particular. So on one hand, we certainly understand xQc no longer hosting other streamers. On the other hand, if streamers were better about monitoring their communities and developing positivity, it would be less of a worry.

The death threats are never okay though. That’s awful, and nobody should have to deal with that. Wanting to steer clear of ToS violations that xQc has nothing to do with certainly makes sense, and we can’t fault him for that.


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