xQc Explains What Was in His Cheats Folder

by in General | Dec, 28th 2020

It’s not a big secret that Félix “xQc” Lengyel can be a controversial figure on Twitch. With a massive following, breaking 4 million, he’s a major player on the platform. A recent live stream left people pretty worried at first that they saw something they shouldn’t: xQc’s cheats folder. We can’t help but wonder if this was on purpose to work people up, but don’t worry, it’s nothing bad. His name has been in the news a lot lately, none of it being terrible. From him explaining why he doesn’t host anymore to xQc mocking the new Twitch announcements, he’s always in the spotlight somehow.

Cheats Folder on xQc’s Desktop: What’s in It?

In this recent live stream, it almost seemed like xQc began to panic when he accidentally showed his desktop. However, xQc points out he uses Push-to-Mute, and when he clicked it, it pulled up his desktop by mistake. Most of this stuff was pretty innocuous. Games like Fall Guys, Cyberpunk 2077, his ‘Bit and Sub Badge Files’, but what about xQc’s cheat folder? Yeah, that one stuck out like a sore thumb.

What does ‘cheat folder’ make people immediately think of? Someone hacking in an FPS game. However, that would be pretty obvious and a ridiculous place to put them. Not that that’s stopped more than one streamer who accidentally showed off their cheats. Originally, xQc said it’s a Minecraft mod folder, then corrected himself: “It’s Minecraft mod packs. I have a ‘cheat’ folder, that’s just how it works. Ah, it’s actually not even Minecraft. It’s Pokemon. I’m dumb, it’s actually Pokemon. Whenever you download a game like Pokemon and you have a randomizer, and your randomizer, there’s something called ‘cheats,’ and those cheats are like to make the game different.”

Now personally, as someone who does run Pokemon randomizers frequently on stream, this checks out. One of my emulators has a host of cheats in a cheats folder similar to what xQc has. Some of these randomizers change the game in a way that can be considered a cheat. Now, I don’t have a cheats folder for my Pokemon randomizers, but there’s more than one way to randomize them. So, it still all makes sense. 

“If you’re doing a certain run, you have to use a cheats folder. It’s called cheats because you’re cheatng the game; you’re cheating it. Either to make it harder or easier.”

Of course, his chat indeed made jokes about a cheats reveal. There had to be people that were worried it was something else. We’d hate to see xQc banned over something that has nothing to do with cheating online. Twitch takes hacks in-game or cheats in-game on stream very seriously, and it can lead to a ban. Mods are fine though, don’t worry; those don’t give you an edge on other players in online competitive games. Randomizers for classic games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy are fine. We’re just glad the xQc cheats folder was nothing more than this. But now we’re curious what his go-to randomizer is. 


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