xQc Catches a Five-Hour Ban for Rebroadcasting Olympics Stream

by in Entertainment | Jul, 29th 2021

xQc, one of Twitch’s biggest stars, has received a fourth ban for rebroadcasting the Olympics on his stream. This isn’t the confirmed reason, but it is likely given the time in which it happened. Right before his stream went down, the Judo match between Michaela Polleres and Arai Chizuru was going on. It definitely sounds like he was struck by a live-DMCA, which is truly unfortunate. He was only watching highlights it sounds like, and he was taken off the air, even if only for a few hours.

Japan Takes DMCA Very Seriously

xQc was pretty sure, or so it seemed, that he would be fine because he could disable the VOD. However, during his broadcast (only going on about 295 minutes), he went offline. The problem is that it’s taking place in Japan. Japan has a much stronger DMCA presence, much worse than in America. It’s being said that broadcasting companies are using live-tracking technology to make sure that streams rebroadcasting the event are taken down. If any copyrighted material shows up, the stream goes down.

This is xQc’s fourth ban on Twitch, and he did make a brief apology on Twitter. He said he was sorry for everyone involved (including the viewers). xQc then said he’d be more careful to follow guidelines in the future. It’s unfortunate that this happened in the first place. Though on the note of xQc getting banned for this Olympics stream, MoistCr1TiKal isn’t sure why xQc stays on Twitch in the first place.

During a Pokemon Unite stream, MoistCr1TiKal had this to say:

“He really should just accept the YouTube streaming offer. He could easily get like a 15 or 20 million dollar deal with YouTube, I don’t know why he doesn’t. Every time he’s on Twitch he takes a risk, it seems like they always ban him for really small things.”

It does seem that way, too. Sure, the Olympics are a live event that people have to watch on TV, but watching highlights doesn’t seem quite the same. It’s one thing to rebroadcast some highlights, and another entirely to just pirate the whole show for Twitch viewers. xQc does seem to run a risk whenever he streams on Twitch. Perhaps in the future, he can shift over to Youtube, but it’s not up to us. There’s also the risk of losing viewers, for having people not wanting to leave Twitch behind. Thankfully, the ban was gone after five hours, so xQc can get right back to normal.


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