xQc Banned From GTA RP Server After Encouraging Chat Hoppers

by in General | Apr, 5th 2021

This isn’t xQc’s first run-in with drama on the GTA RP server, ‘NoPixel’. This is, in fact, the third offense. He was sentenced to a 224-month jail sentence for committing a crime in the world, which he didn’t agree with. In response, he suggested his fanbase chat hop to support him in other streams. This is something xQc previously said he was vehemently against. In response, xQc saw his third ban in the NoPixel server.

Third NoPixel Ban for xQc

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is no stranger to controversy, that’s for sure. Whether it’s in Fall Guys or a GTA RP server, xQc never seems far away from the spotlight. This is the third ban on the GTA RP server for xQc. The first time, he broke the server’s rules, and the second time he used a glitch to attack the NoPixel police, which is also against the rules. This latest ban was also involving the police. Specifically, players that were roleplaying as the police on the server. 

However, there’s no word on why exactly xQc was banned on the GTA RP server, to begin with. It’s said it likely has to do with the police, though. The result of a few words by xQc and his chat began flooding into other NoPixel streams, harassing the people there. In particular, “Kyle” was streaming as one of the police officers at the time. 

He had the following to say to one of the xQc fans that came to harass him. “You’re jumping from some guy’s stream to complain about something that nobody did, for somebody who doesn’t even know you f**king exist. You are a sad f**king idiot.”

It’s a disappointing situation for sure. No matter what, there’s no reason to have people running stream to stream, accosting people for actions taken in a game. xQc used to get along with the police on the GTA RP server, but that seems to have deteriorated. xQc did admittedly admit he was incredibly angry by the end of the stream. 

He had this to say on Twitter: “What a rollercoaster of a stream. Sorry for the trashy mood by the end, I got unreasonably mad. A lot of rumors are spreading but listen, everyone chill. I did a lot of bad things yesterday, and I admit to my faults. Don’t spread hatred on anyone; what I say isn’t always true.”

A valuable lesson could be learned from this. Not just in xQc’s chat, but in all streams, a viewer shouldn’t go and harass another streamer just because the person you’re a fan of is mad or upset. Harassment begets more harassment and doesn’t do anyone good. We won’t speculate on the reason for the ban, but should it come to light, we’ll make sure to keep you updated.


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