xQc and GrandPooBear Twitch Suspended Over Streamsniping Incident

by in Entertainment | Nov, 19th 2020

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has once again landed himself in some hot water over his conduct on his Twitch channel – this time, it came during a Twitch Rivals event for Fall Guys, all of things.

The controversial streamer, who was teamed up with speedrunning Twitch streamer GrandPooBear, decided it would be a great idea to streamsnipe during the Fall Guys competition. He was playing against the team of DrLupo, Shroud, and Tyler1, who xQc stream sniped, while Grandpoobear helped identify players on Twitch for xQc to grief.

It’s unclear exactly why xQc did this, but Twitch reacted swiftly to the situation. As the incident was done during a Twitch Rivals event with a cash prize, it was quickly posited by the community that xQc could face a ban for his actions, alongside his teammates. That was exactly what happened.

Twitch Drops the Banhammer on xQc and His Twitch Rivals Team

Twitch’s ruling came down through a tweet from the Twitch Rivals account, including a six month ban from future Twitch Rivals events, and a forfeiture of prize winnings from the event.

“/xQcOW’s actions during the tiebreaker of the Fall Guys Match on November 14, 2020 violated the Official Tournament Code of Conduct and Game Play Rules found in Section 7 of the Official Tournament Rules,” Twitch Rivals said in a statement. “As a result and effective immediately, /xQcOW will (I) receive a six-month ban from Twitch Rivals and (ii) will forfeit prize winnings from the GlitchCon event.”

Of course, that would mean virtually nothing to xQc, who makes a massive income from his Twitch channel. Twitch knows this, and issued a suspension to his account. The ruling doesn’t make mention of this but the suspension will last for one week.

“Furthermore, /xQcOW violated Twitch policies around stream sniping in an online game … As a result and effective immediately, /xQcOW will receive a temporary Twitch account suspension. We take Twitch Rivals Player Conduct extremely seriously. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be taken lightly We reserve the right to impose any additional penalties at our sole discretion.”

xQc Makes History as First Streamsniper in Twitch Rivals

“He quite literally just made Twitch history,” Shroud said of the incident. “No big partner has ever done that. I don’t think he knows that he did. And I am so shocked – I don’t know what’s going to happen, I don’t think Twitch knows. Ban him for a month? Three days? A week? I have no idea. I’m just in shock.”

xQc, for his own part, seems to realize that the stream sniping he did was wrong, but still tried to make the excuse of trying to entertain his Twitch audience.

“Stop defending me everywhere for no reason. We got into the final game with Dr Lupo and shroud’s

team. We shouldn’t have done it and it was wrong. I’m sorry for my actions. I thought it would be funny. It did not change the outcome but it was still malicious. Sorry. What I did had no impact on the outcome but it was wrong,” xQc tweeted. “Sorry again, I wasn’t trying to cheat out of malice. I was just trying to entertain. 7 days suspension for now. Ride like lightning, crash like thunder. Go agane. PS: Give my winning to charity and i’ll match it”

GrandPooBear faced a similar suspension and said the following on the situation.

“Just got banned from Rivals for 6 months for being complicit to the stream sniping Saturday, and honestly I deserve it,” he said. “I should have said something, instead I got swept up in playing with a group I don’t normally do. I hope to get opportunities in the future. I will also lose my prize money from Saturday as well. No reason to fight this or be mad, I made the mistake. I’m an adult and should have said something. I didn’t need help to win, and should have taken the whole thing more seriously. I took the fun too far.”

xQc Has a History of Being Banned on Twitch

xQc has been banned from Twitch four times for a number of reasons, ranging from the ridiculous to the stupid. He streamed a pornographic video in July 2019, got a second suspension for playing connect 4 in February 2020, a third for showing an explicit video of gorillas having sex in June 2020. Typically, Twitch partners only get three chances at being banned before having their channels permanently banned, but it seems that due to xQc’s popularity he continues to go agane.

That’s not even mentioning his other misconduct in the Overwatch League, where he was famously suspended repeatedly for poor sportsmanship, homophobic language, and other issues before being dropped from the Dallas Fuel.

Luminosity Gaming, who just signed xQc in a high profile deal, had no comment on the situation.


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