xQc Accuses Others of Stream Sniping in Rust Drama

by in General | Jan, 4th 2021

I don’t remember the last time that Rust was so relevant on the internet! The OfflineTV Rust server drama never seems to end, as today, xQc accuses another streamer of sniping. As a result, Shroud and other streamers criticize xQc for his accusations and attitude. Ever since OTV’s Rust server kicked off, xQc seems to be at the center of controversy. This many big names under one server? Of course, there would be drama. Perhaps the funniest drama moment is Keemstar putting a $10,000 bounty on Overwatch pro-turned farmer Dafran.

We just had to share Jake’s tweet because it’s worth a laugh. But today, we’re here to talk about xQc and what he’s been up to.

Accusations of Stream Sniping

Even if the accusations have no merit, it’s very dangerous for xQc to accuse streamers of stream sniping him, whether amid Rust drama or other games. xQc, after all, has a massive following, and they’re very quick to show up and harass other streamers and send death threats. This accusation seems to hold a little bit of water.

xQc on the Rust server, where all this drama takes place, has a faction called “Team Rocket.” Team Rocket died out in the middle of the ocean. They failed to land on a ship and perished beneath the waves. One intrepid streamer used outside information to determine where this happened and took all of Team Rocket’s inventory that dropped. You can imagine xQc’s reaction was not a pleasant one.

The streamer in question, Edison Park, had been watching Ash_on_lol’s stream and was not even logged in to Rust at the time. However, he saw the info about Team Rocket freezing to death and saw something about a helicopter.

He put a few things together, as he stated on Twitter: “Oil rig is too far from our base so i figured it would be worth checking to at least see where convoy was recently. So i log in, hop on a boat, and follow convoy’s sail path from our base and i run into a body. A few circles around and i find a new more (3/6).”

Excuses, Excuses

Edison Park apologized for metagaming and looting xQc’s inventory and even offered to return the items in question. What Edison Park did doesn’t sound like stream sniping, according to his explanation. It is information he usually would not have. He heard Myth comment about the crashing helicopter and thus had access to information he wouldn’t have.

xQc responded: “I make mistakes and most of the time I admit to my own faults even if it hurts. Somehow you guys do really scummy shit and play the denial card every time and make me look like the psychotic idiot.”

We don’t know if Edison’s claims are valid, though. He doesn’t have a reason to lie. That aside, it doesn’t give xQc an excuse to blame stream sniping anytime something bad happens. Speaking of accusations, Shroud discussed this.

He called xQc out for all the stream sniping accusations levied at others: “xQc should really keep that stuff to himself. Calling people out for stream sniping ain’t cool unless you know for a fact they’re doing it. He’s playing a dangerous game.”

While Shroud likes xQc and says he’s a respectful person, the way he acts on stream and off are two very different personalities. Shroud also points out he wished xQc would be more respectful of others because he can be a bit mean.

This Rust server experiment does not seem to have created the peaceful environment OTV wanted, instead, offering lots of drama.


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