Xbox Series X Fridge Sold Out, eBay Has Them in Stock for a Price

by in Technology | Oct, 20th 2021

The Xbox Series X mini fridge variant of their latest console went live and sold out in minutes. Much like the console they’re based on, it’s selling on eBay for triple the price.

Console gaming has become extremely difficult in the past year due to one single thing: scalpers. Consoles going live online have been scooped up and taken by scalpers who sell them on secondhand markets and hike the price up in a similar vein, something like graphics cards for PC.

The problem with scalpers has extended beyond the reach of the console and graphics card market. Now, it’s come for something much “cooler”—the refrigerator market. 

The Xbox Series X Fridge

All of this started with a single comment about the Xbox Series X. With the new console’s reveal and its abnormally rectangular design, many players commented the same thing. “Huh, the Xbox Series X kind of looks like a refrigerator?”

This single comment spawned hundreds of internet memes to be shared across the internet, with players from all around joking about the overly simplistic and tall design for the new console. Xbox saw these comments and images and decided to make players’ memes into reality. By turning the Xbox Series X design into an actual, full-size refrigerator.

Posted on Twitter almost an entire year ago, the Xbox Series X Fridge was given away as sweepstakes to one lucky player on their Twitter account. However, Xbox wasn’t done there, knowing that players would love to get their hands on the Xbox Series X Fridge but weren’t going to throw out their actual refrigerator for a full-sized one. On top of the fact that it doesn’t come with an icebox. Microsoft wanted to continue to capitalize on the fridge market by turning the Series X into a smaller one, which players would be more likely to purchase. This cooling device is slated to come out holiday of 2021, promising 12 cool drinks, a working USB port, and a fun conversation piece for family and friends. 

However, Target opened their online shops for people to purchase it. When it comes to online and seemingly limited stock, there’s one problem. Scalpers are bound to come into the market and ruin all the fun for everyone.

The sale ended in mere minutes. Some claimed that it was inside their carts before being kicked out and unable to purchase. After 30 minutes, there was a small “restock,” which sold out in 30 seconds. Now that it’s all over, the eBay listings have gone up, and so have the prices. 

The Scalpers Ruin the Fun Again

It may be just a fridge, but this isn’t the first time that fun has been ruined for hundreds of players due to people purchasing more than their fair share to make a quick buck. With PS5’s and the Xbox Series X being in shortage due to players not wanting to pay the retail price, plenty of scalpers are sitting on heaps of the consoles and selling them to gamers who are desperate enough to pick up the console now. 

This seems to be one of the final straws for players, as something as simple as a fridge is being purchased and sold on eBay for more than the $99.99 asking price originally. 

On eBay, anyone looking for the console will be met with emojis and listings with the tag “order confirmed” and “confirmed preorder.” eBay has banned the sale of preorders for items. However, they’re only banned if the listing doesn’t outright say that the item is preordered. This is because of a loophole in one of eBay’s anti-scalper measures. Prices range from $200 to $500. 

More are coming in 2022. There’s a chance they will be sold outside of Target, which could mean players are picking them up to purchase them in person, possibly giving some players a fighting chance at getting their hands on a console. However, that’s unlikely. With all the time between then and whenever a restock happens, players will know that most are sitting in a random person’s house, next to unsold PS5s and real Series X’s waiting to be sold for double, triple, or even quintuple the price.


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