WoW Players Boycott Game In Thousands After Lawsuit

by in General | Jul, 29th 2021

Yesterday, during the Blizzard Walkout, thousands of WoW players also showed support with a boycott on the game. Some major streamers, such as Asmongold have simply stopped streaming WoW while also calling the company out for their behavior, and other streamers have openly said they will boycott WoW. In addition, there were mass groups across servers coming together for mass logouts, in solidarity with the Blizzard employees who were walking out. These players were yelling #ActiBlizzWalkout en masse, flooding chat.

Not Everyone is Taking Part; Some Choose to Take a Stand:

This isn’t to say that everyone has quit playing WoW. There are plenty of streamers taking part in the game, and around 31k viewers on Twitch as of this writing. Even on this writer’s personal account, there are a few still playing WoW. That said, WoW players gathered in Oribos across a wealth of servers, some using Blue Mounts (the chosen color to represent the walkout). An EU realm had a group of players all using the Wandering Ancient mount, since it is a “staunch defender of the forests of Azeroth,” so a firm message is being sent there. 

Players who haven’t canceled their subscription/have months on theirs presently can show their solidarity this way with a WoW boycott. These mass logouts show the developers game data that people are simply coming together and logging off. Leaving people logged in and doing nothing (idling) doesn’t have the same impact on Blizzard’s data. If people are coming together and logging off at the same time, in mass numbers, the devs will see these huge spikes of logouts and likely know what it means. 

One of the major WoW streamers/players also decided to boycott the game, Preach Gaming. He released a lengthy video recently on why these allegations are the straw that broke the camel’s back. He was already frustrated with the game, pointing out that he had “very little positive to say about World of Warcraft.” Over the last couple of years, they have made poor decisions, almost like they want people to quit the game. The first, major reason though was the lawsuit:

“So, first reason (for quitting) is obviously the recent allegations,” he began. “That was really the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is the tipping point. To find out after all that we’ve been through with World of Warcraft since probably the beginning of BfA, on top of that, this environment that’s existed within Blizzard, to the point now that they’re staging a walkout.. due to Blizzard’s awful, reprehensible response… At that point, I no longer feel comfortable promoting and advertising the game.”

Preach’s problems extend beyond this, but it all just made the support he was giving the game unbearable. With 431k subscribers on Youtube, it could be a serious blow to content creation and fan support. He did say in the description he wills till produce Drama, and some legacy content, but the day-to-day WoW coverage is over. It was not an easy decision for Preach Gaming, because he has a team that consistently puts content together for the audience, but it’s just a step too far.

They are losing some serious content creators who advertise and spread the word of the MMO to their followers, thanks to the lawsuit. It’s been quite a long time since Asmongold as well, choosing instead to go to “Just Chatting”, or FFXIV. At first, players were simply staying logged in and protesting by doing nothing. Things have since escalated, and more players are talking about simply boycotting the MMO, and not spending time and money on a game that is owned by people behind such awful acts. It will hopefully send a message to Activision-Blizzard. One that says their actions are unacceptable, and some players are simply tired of supporting a company that treats their employees so shamefully.


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