Would-Be CoD Pro Player Caught Cheating on Stream

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 16th 2021

The moral of today’s story is: there’s nothing wrong with wanting to go pro. But get there on actual skill, or at least, by abusing broken weapon combos. Doing it through hacks and cheats is not going to get you where you want to go. This reveal came courtesy of an esports commentator, Alan ‘Bricey’ Brice, who called this Call of Duty player out on Twitter. This CoD player, ‘yyyunggg’ tried desperately to prove nothing was wrong, and instead actually got caught cheating after showing his hacks on a stream. Cheating doesn’t pay, friends. Instead of trying to fake skill, take the time to actually improve at a game.

No Excuse For Cheating

The excuse of “Other people are cheating, so I can too,” isn’t going to hold water. Besides, those people aren’t all trying to use their cheats to go pro. Sooner or later, you will get caught doing something like that. Or you’ll mess up like yyyunggg did.

I won’t lie, I laughed a lot while watching the footage and seeing the news of this drop. Bricey pointed out the following on Twitter:

“I went on theatre and he was pre-firing through everything on his stream. He went ‘watch this I bet I get this ace’ then got an ace hahaha.”

We’ve talked recently about CoD’s cheater problem, that’s for sure. They sound more dedicated than ever to fixing the problem, but here we see that players are still getting caught blatantly cheating in CoD. At least in this case, it was very obvious someone wasn’t playing fair. There’s a difference in being incredibly skilled with high reaction times, and shooting where someone clearly cannot be seen. It’s really disappointing, and this player likely shot down any chances of going pro. He could actually be skilled. That’s a possibility, but now that he’s a confirmed cheater, we can’t see any team wanting to touch that kind of chance with a ten-foot pole. If you recruit a cheater, and they burn you in a tournament, that’s a lot of money you’re out.

With the high cost of CoD franchising, there’s no chance of that going down now. He’s going to have to put some serious work in to get past this – if he doesn’t get banned, that is. At least they’d be on a fresh account and could try to make good and prove they really have the playing chops. Cheaters don’t prosper, though. Not forever, anyway.


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