World’s Edge Returns to Apex Legends Without Rocket at Launch Site

by in Apex Legends | Nov, 19th 2020

Fans of World’s Edge, the second battle royale map in Apex Legends, will be happy to know that it has officially returned to the game in Season 7 with some changes to Launch Site because of the Arcadia Supercarrier. The latest season of battle royale has been out for only a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean that Respawn has forgotten about its other maps.

World’s Edge Returns to Apex Legends

The return of World’s Edge to Apex Legends comes with only a couple of minor changes, but there is one huge one. Players who return to this one-year-old location will find a changed point of interest that is different from how you might remember it in Season 6.

The changed named location on World’s Edge is none other than the Launch Site. It will offer up some slightly different sights and gameplay for players already used to this spot. It isn’t a huge change for the map than the last season, but it is a welcome and surprising change.

We expected the second Apex Legends map’s return to be a mostly standard situation where the map is as we remember it from only a couple of weeks ago in Season 6. But that isn’t completely the case as there is one significant difference for World’s Edge in Season 7.

As you may already know, the lore behind the second map was intertwined with Olympus’s release. There were many teases and connections to the third battle royale map that hinted at what was to come and teased its existence.

World’s Edge Return Includes Changes to Launch Site

As part of these teases, the World’s Edge map became home to the rocket at the Launch Site named location. You can see in the original launch trailer for the current Season 7 that the rocket was going to transport some of the legends from World’s Edge to the new Olympus map.

We saw characters like Mirage and others who tried to board the rocket ship before it blasted off into a wormhole or portal of some sort. Though they missed out on getting aboard the rocket ship itself, they were able to get through the portal successfully a different way and welcome us to our new Olympus home.

Of course, the start of Season 7 meant that in the lore at least, the rocket ship no longer existed on World’s Edge since it had now traveled to Olympus, where you can currently find it. Since that was the case, it made sense that the rocket ship could no longer be found on World’s Edge.

That makes sense, leading to the now-empty Launch Site location for you to visit on the map. It is still known as the Launch Site, even though there is, well, nothing there to launch. But the barebones nature of this named location is largely what you remember it to be minus the huge rocket ship.

What Could Happen to Launch Site in the Future

For the most part, your visit to this named location will be the same, even if it does feel a little bit more barren than it did before. You can still enter the nearby buildings and check out the loot in them, but there isn’t much else for you to see otherwise here.

This is an interesting and almost lacking change for the Launch Site location, so it remains to be seen what Respawn Entertainment will do with the point of interest in the future. We would like to see it evolve into something new since there isn’t much purpose for a rocket launch site anymore.

There is a chance that we could see it change into a new named location in the next season or even before Season 8 starts, but we will have to wait and see for now. The best chance at seeing a change for this location is when the second half of the current seventh season begins.

We already know that World’s Edge will become the main ranked game mode map once the second half of the season begins in December. Olympus is currently the ranked map, but that will only be the case for the first half of Season 7.

Once World’s Edge becomes the new ranked map, it would be an excellent time to see a significant downloadable update for the battle royale game that brings some minor changes. It would make sense to launch a new point of interest where Launch Site currently is.

Rocket Ship Is Currently at Arcadia Supercarrier

In the meantime, those of you who miss the rocket ship can check it out in its new home of Olympus. It has landed at the Arcadia Supercarrier named location where you can see it and explore one of the many new points of interest on the third Apex Legends map.

Players have had two weeks to check out the new Olympus on its own and get used to it in Season 7 before the older map, World’s Edge, returned. In fact, for the first week of the new season, players even had a limited-time mode where they could check out the colorful city-based map without any fighting at all.

As for those of you who are fans of the original Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends, you will have to wait a good bit longer to see it again as that map will not return this season from what we know. The best chance at seeing it again is likely going to be in Season 8.


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