Worlds 2021 Merch Collection Revealed, Supports Riot Social Impact Fund

by in League of Legends | Oct, 5th 2021

Riot Games announced their Worlds 2021 Merch Collection today, and it looks fantastic. Sadly, a last-minute decision was made to switch the location from Shenzhen, China, to Reykjavik, Iceland. This means there was no time to make new designs that fit Iceland, instead of China. This merch has already been designed and printed, so there’s no sense in just throwing it out! Instead, Riot Games made a huge announcement for this Worlds 2021 Merch. This merch for Worlds 2021 will be sold at a 20% discount, and all of the proceeds are going to a good cause. Well, all of the merch except the Lee Sin Figure. Sorry, that’s still full price.

Supporting the Riot Games Social Impact Fund

This is honestly a great idea, and will no doubt help people in need. The Worlds Merch 2021 collection is being sold at a 20% discount, and all proceeds are going to be donated to charities that support COVID relief efforts, through the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. This sale will go on between October 5th, 2021, through December 31st, 2022. Riot will contribute 100% of the gross proceeds to the Riot Games Social Impact Fund, in partnership with Impact Assets.

The new Worlds 2021 merch line (credit Riot Games)

You can pick this merch up at the Riot Games Store. The collection features the following items:

Worlds 2021 Merch

  • Worlds 2021 Tibbers Plush
  • Worlds 2021 Baron Nashor Tee (Unisex)
  • Worlds 2021 Tee (Unisex)
  • Worlds 2021 Peony Flight Jacket
  • Worlds 2021 Women’s Cropped Long Sleeve Tee
  • Worlds 2021 Baron Nashor Long Sleeve Tee (Unisex)
  • Worlds 2021 MAKE/BREAK Zip-Up Hoodie
  • Worlds 2021 MAKE/BREAK Jade/Bone/Gold Pullover (Unisex)
  • Worlds 2021 Peony Track Pants
  • Worlds 2021 Baron Nashor Joggers
  • Worlds 2021 Peony Hat
  • Worlds 2021 Baron Nashor Hat
  • Worlds 2021 Track Jacket
  • Worlds 2021 Pin
  • Worlds 2021 Floral Mask
  • Worlds 2021 Baron Nashor Mask

Again, sorry, the Lee Sin Figure will not be in this promotion. The Riot Games Social Impact Fund is a philanthropic venture by Riot Games that allows them to make investments into global organizations, aimed at solving crises and pressing issues in the world right now. It’s also a separate entity from Riot Games and structured to make an impact on the world. They’ve distributed 13.3M in grants to more than 400 nonprofits across 25 regions around the world as of this writing. This is a classy move from Riot Games, and will hopefully see plenty of sales being made, all for a great cause.


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