World Series of Warzone is Coming With a 1.2 Million Dollar Prize Program

by in Call of Duty | May, 20th 2021

The World Series of Warzone is the latest esports event announced by Activision, and it promises to be exciting. Community members, streamers, and CoD vets will be able to take part in this new initiative, which is both positive and negative. Sure, just about anyone can play, but you can bet your bottom dollar all of the biggest and best teams will have their squads ready to go. There isn’t much time to go before qualifiers begin either, so you better get started hunting down some partners!

What Can We Expect?

Qualifiers begin on May 24th, 2021, and any North American player 18+ can sign up for the World Series of Warzone. You’ll have to stream your gameplay though, but it’s not certain whether that has to be on Twitch or not. Hopefully, you aren’t banned! There will be four World Series of Warzone competitions, each with a 300,000 dollar prize pool. There will be two trios, and duo-based events across NA and EU, and will be semi-invitational.

Registration for the World Series of Warzone begins today, Thursday, May 20th at 3 PM EST / 12 PM PST. Four qualifiers will take place every day between May 24th – 27th. You can see further information on GameBattles.

In the first event, NA’s World Series of Warzone: Trios will have 50 squads doing battle, and points will be doled based on kills and placement in the actual match. Each kill per squad member grants 1 point, and there are points multipliers based on your position.

Trios Multiplier:

  • 1st Place: Points x2
  • 2nd – 15th Place: Points x1.5
  • 16th – 50th Place: No multiplier

Duos Multiplier:

  • 1st Place: Points x2
  • 2nd – 25th Place: Points x1.5
  • 26th – 75th Place:  No multiplier

How well your squad does will ultimately determine how much of 200,000 your team will pick up, and the remaining 100,000 will go to the Captain’s Cup. There will be five captains in each World Series of Warzone event. These will be picked based on their ties to the CoD franchise, so expect them to be the biggest of the biggest names. These Captains will select two players to join their trios, and also draft their team of trio squads in a 9-round live draft, through snake draft. Each team will have 10 trios.

If it sounds a little complex, don’t worry. The five teams’ final score will be based on the point total of the 10 trio squads each captain picked. This will determine how the final split of that extra 100,000 dollars. The winning Captain will get 20,000 and 1,000 will go to each member of their team. As it stands, there are no dates for the Trios EU, Duos EU, and Duos NA events, but we imagine we’ll know more as we get closer to the Trios event. This all sounds like a great way to get people into Warzone and get fans watching some exciting new competition.


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