World Champion Clayster Joins New York Subliners for Call of Duty League 2021 Season

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 21st 2020

New York Subliners has announced what we were expecting and the rumors had hinted at: Clayster is going to be one of the starting members of the 2021 lineup for the Call of Duty League. This New York Subliners Clayster signing isn’t particularly surprising but it is a welcome one nonetheless.

Clayster Is Joining the New York Subliners as a Starting Player

Clayster has been revealed as the first major addition to the New York Subliners on Twitter and he will likely be part of the starting lineup for the upcoming 2021 season of the Call of Duty League.

Who Will Join Clayster as the Fourth and Final Starting Player?

That is a tough question to answer as Clayster was definitely one of the most interesting and exciting players to be a free agent during this season as the sole current world champion that we know of who will not be staying with his original team of Dallas Empire.

As such, you could definitely argue that he is the number one pick when it comes to who the Call of Duty League teams would want to sign so this is a major get for the New York Subliners. As for who will join after him, that is a tough act to follow and we aren’t quite sure at this time.

We have heard a couple of rumors about different players that the New York Subliners are interested in filling the fourth and final spot on the starting roster but none of them are particularly exciting for now from what we’ve heard so we won’t even get into it.

This is unfortunate as most of the amazing players have already been picked up by other teams and will be soon as deals are finalized like this one. There is the chance that someone who is an up and comer Ike Mack himself will join the group and that could prove to be a wise move for New York.

The New York Subliners Was the One of the Most Consistent Teams This Season

It was something that the team did earlier in the 2020 season to bring Mack into the starting lineup and the team was able to continue improving across the season with him on their side. In fact, the New York Subliners are the most consistent team in our opinion when it comes to the league other than maybe the Dallas Empire ironically.

Though the New York Subliners didn’t start out the season too strongly, they were able to improve over time and be the only team, in our opinion, that was able to continuously improve from day one until they were an amazing team by the end of the season.

They were finally able to break through the top five ranked teams for the normal season and place fifth, defeating some impressive teams in the process. However, they did stumble a good bit when it came to the Call of Duty League Playoffs tournament where they were only able to tie for eighth place, which was a bit lower than many expected.

That could have the fuel behind releasing a vast majority of the players and then Attach and Accuracy moving to the Minnesota Rokkr. Attach, in particular, was a surprising move as we regard him as one of the stars of the New York Subliners and he was one of our MVP players.

We Should Find Out the Full New York Subliners Roster Soon

But it is possible that Minnesota Rokkr gave him a deal that he couldn’t quite refuse, much like the Subliners potentially did with Clayster. The current world champion was the fifth player on the number one team Dallas Empire’s starting lineup who was removed from the main position.

As such, this controversial move has led to Clayster now joining the Subliners where he can hopefully be a star there as he should be. Regardless, the Subliners are a rather complicated team that has a really nice group so far but it will really come down to who fills the fourth spot.

But with greats like Clayster, ZooMaa, and Mack, there is no doubt that they will be one of the teams to watch in the upcoming season since they will be quite different than they were during the inaugural season of the league.

Stay tuned for more details regarding the full New York Subliners roster as we only know about Atlanta FaZe and Minnesota Rokkr’s full starting teams at this time. We fully expect to hear more about who will be completing this group in the coming weeks, if not days.


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