Women in Esports Launches Women-Only Tournaments Via FACEIT

by in CS:GO | Nov, 25th 2020

The British Esports Association is a non-profit that aims to promote and support grassroots esports, and we can’t be mad about that! Today we learned that FACEIT has teamed up with the non-profit as a part of its Women in Esports initiative. This is going to lead to women-only esports events on the tournament hosting platform, and what could be better? After all, women belong in esports, and having a platform to compete on, and their own Discord community will definitely help with that.

Growth and Inclusivity for Women in Esports

To help with this move, Women in Esports will have their own organizer page on FACEIT, and it will feature women-only tournaments and hubs. We want to see more women in esports and feel like they belong here – because they do. This includes trans and cis women alike, as well as femme-identifying/femme presenting non-binary players, to make sure they can compete at any level in esports.

Alice Leaman, Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer at British Esports, said: 

“Through Women in Esports we aim to build a community and encourage more women to get involved in the industry. By partnering with FACEIT we can start to develop more regular tournaments and opportunities for all skill levels and the creation of a community Discord will provide a dedicated space for diversity in esports to be celebrated.”

Hopefully, this will lead to women in esports aiming higher and feeling comfortable in competing elsewhere in the future, whether they wish to compete in mixed or women-only tournaments away from FACEIT. For now, they’re focused on CSGO, thanks to the large female community for the shooter. This will kick off with The Lionness League, the first 5v5 CSGO tournament in the system. Registration kicks off on Friday, November 27th, and the actual action kicks off on Saturday, December 12th. 

32 teams will come together in a single-elimination tournament, and players can join as a premade team, or sign-up solo, and form a team if that’s what they wish. The prize is 3000 FACEIT points: 2000 points for the winning team, and 1000 points for second place. This will just be the beginning of regular, monthly tournaments.

More Than Just a Tournament

Women in Esports will also have a FACEIT hub for CSGO, so the women can come together, make teams, scrim, and communicate. The women-only hubs will be private, and application only. Those who want to join the community can also join the Discord server, which aims to provide an inclusive space for women in gaming. The Discord is open to everyone and is public, but will be moderated and vetted, to make sure it stays welcoming.

Sue Lavasani, Account Manager for FACEIT spoke about the partnership:

“We’re delighted to partner with Women in Esports, a team that shares our passions and values. FACEIT is committed to developing grassroots opportunities and supporting the community. We want everyone to feel comfortable and confident when taking their first steps into esports and we’re hoping this hub will offer a safe space for women to come together and compete.”

This is a terrific movie, and we’re hoping to see great success and more women than ever in esports. Women belong in this space just as much as men do, and we want to see a more welcoming esports scene. So if you’re a woman, or femme-identifying, looking to get into esports, keep your eyes on FACEIT, and Women in Esports.


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