Witcher 3 Director Leaves CD Projekt Over Bullying Allegations

by in General | May, 4th 2021

 In this day and age, many an employee or employer have stepped down due to allegations of misconduct. Most recently, it appears that a senior director at CD Projekt Red has decided to step down following allegations of bullying employees.

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz Leaves CD Projekt

Allegations of bullying throughout CD Projekt surfaced, pitting Witcher 3 director and second director of Cyberpunk 2077 Konrad Tomeszkiewicz as the perpetrator. This brought upon an internal investigation through CD Projekt, with the investigation lasting multiple months. The Verdict of the investigation proved that the allegations were false, and Tomaszkiewicz was not guilty of bullying.

However, the emotional damage has already been done, and Tomazkiewicz aims to step down as Director of CD Projekt to focus on himself. In a message sent to Jason Schrier of Bloomberg, Tomaszkiewicz mentions that many of the employees of CD Projekt have been uncomfortable when working with him.

After reaching a decision with the board of CD Projekt, Tomakiewicz has opted to resign in an effort to work on himself. In an employee email, Tomazkiewicz wrote, “Changing behavior is a long and arduous process, but I’m not giving up, and I hope to change.”

His resignation from CD Projekt adds to the laundry list of controversies that have plagued the company since it released Cyberpunk 2077. After being showcased in 2017, the game fell through multiple delays and hundreds of issues, ultimately releasing in 2020. However, multiple bugs and issues with the newer generations of consoles, as well as unoptimized play on current-gen consoles, made the game almost unplayable. This, in turn, created massive backlash between fans and CD Projekt, with Sony even removing the game from the PlayStation store.

While Tomazkiewicz’s departure from CD Projekt is now confirmed, it’s uncertain what the fate of the Witcher series will be, as Tomazkiewicz was supposed to play an integral part in the game’s creation. His work on Witcher 3 brought about a Netflix show based on the original books and fans’ and critics’ critical acclaim. Its success even put the main character Geralt into other properties, such as the fighting game Soul Calibur 6.


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