Windows 11 Bug Makes Gaming on Certain AMD CPUs Even Worse

by in Technology | Oct, 14th 2021

The release of Windows 11 didn’t go “according to plan.” Not only did Microsoft create utter chaos with its hardware requirements, but now it seems that gaming, too, has taken a hit because of an unexpected bug — at least on AMD processors

Needless to say, if you’re sporting AMD hardware, you’d be wise to wait things out a bit. Gamers have reported a 3-5% performance drop, with that number going up to a whopping 10-15% in certain esports titles.

The problem, according to AMD, is two-fold. Windows 11 seems to have introduced increased L3 cache latency, resulting in the CPU taking more time to access system memory. The second problem pertains to the fact that Windows 11 doesn’t play well with AMD’s “preferred core” approach, something that currently incurs the biggest penalty on 6- and 8-core processors from “team red.” 

Windows 11 AMD Gaming Bug | An Absolute Debacle

The AMD gaming bug problem was made even worse with a recent October 12 update to Windows 11. TechPowerUp reports that L3 cache latency went from 17ns (up from the regular 10ns) to a whopping 31.9ns. To say that things went from bad to worse would truly be an understatement. Fortunately, AMD has a series of patches coming our way. The first will land on October 19 (and is supposed to fix the latency mentioned above), with the second one coming just two days later. That one will tackle the issue of AMD’s preferred core approach.

Bugs like these are to be expected, in all fairness, especially given Microsoft’s “phased” rollout of Windows 11 and the fact that it’ll grow and evolve over the next few years. It’s not “half-baked” per se, but certain areas haven’t been polished nearly enough as one would expect from a full-fledged release. 

In any case, AMD and Microsoft are well aware of what’s happening and should fix the Windows 11 bug in record time! 


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