Will Twitch Ban Nadeshot for Stream With Dr Disrespect – Nade Responds

by in Entertainment | Sep, 11th 2020

Twitch as a company is known for very arbitrary enforcement of its rules. Several of their rules both do and don’t make sense at the same time. In particular, it’s the rule that states someone who is banned can’t show up in a live stream on their platform. Does it make sense? Of course, it does. You punished someone, and it’s like getting around the ban. But it’s not something that is enforced regularly. This week, Nadeshot of 100 Thieves was against Dr Disrespect in VIkkstar’s Warzone Showdown. The two chatted in the pre-game lobby, leading to fear that Nadeshot will get a ban from Twitch.

The question is “Will Twitch ban Nadeshot?” and “Would they even do it in the first place?” We don’t think he will be, but you honestly never know. Nadeshot did however speak up about the possibility.

Remember Justin.tv? Nadeshot Remembers

Nadeshot doesn’t seem too worried about it, but his fans were decidedly stressed about it. It’s against the rules for Dr Disrespect to show up in audio or via webcam at all on Twitch. To be present is against their rules.

If Nadeshot had simply muted Dr Disrespect in the chat, we wouldn’t be asking “Will Twitch ban Nadeshot”, but that’s not what went down. Nadeshot is the founder of a major esports org in 100 Thieves, and has been around and streaming since the Justin.tv days.

Nadeshot asked “Man, Twitch really gonna ban me for talking to Doc in-game? Ah, come on, bro. What are they going to do?” His discussion on a possible ban went down with Doc’s own voice still echoing in the background, to boot.

“They ban me, I’ve been on here since Justin.tv. They gotta make a decision there. No respect. No respect.”

It seems pretty unlikely that a Twitch ban will happen for Nadeshot though. After all, he’s not the only major name to have friendly chatter with Dr Disrespect – Ian “Crimsix” Porter also spoke openly with the Two Time on Twitch. The two talked about gifting subs, but it was a pretty awkward conversation, given the nature of Dr Disrespect on Twitch in the first place.

So there’s no telling if the two major streamers will see a ban, even if it’s just 24 hours. It’s unlikely, given how much sway and history the two have on Twitch, but honestly? It sets a pretty unfortunate precedent if nothing happens.

Twitch has put this asinine rule down in the first place and is pretty fickle about who gets punished for it. The streaming giant does ban smaller channels than these two for streaming with someone who is presently banned on their channel, regardless of the length of the ban. Is this a problematic thing to have happened? No, it was a brief moment in a tournament where Dr Disrespect happened to be taking part.

Perhaps Dr Disrespect should not have been allowed to participate since it was streamed on Twitch, but it is far too late to do anything about that. The nature of this discussion is the possibility of a ban. Having a brief chat with Dr Disrespect was not wildly disruptive, but it is still against the rules.

What does it say if Nadeshot, a long-standing streamer isn’t punished? It says that he’s above whatever silly rules Twitch puts in place. We aren’t saying he should be banned 100%, but it’s more of a criticism on how Twitch handles rules they put out there, and how some rules don’t always seem to apply.

It’s not like Nadeshot had any control over who his opponent would be, after all. At this point, it’s all speculation. What should Twitch do in a situation like this? Should Nadeshot receive the same punishment as smaller streamers who (intentionally or otherwise) have a banned person on their stream? Or is this something that was completely out of Nadeshot’s control? Will Nadeshot see a ban from Twitch because of this? Only time will tell.


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