Will NRG Drop Infinite from Valorant Roster After Drama?

by in Valorant | Feb, 18th 2021

Gage “Infinite” Green is a CSGO-turned-Valorant player for NRG, but this might be the end for him on the team. If the rumor is to be believed, his toxic behavior has led to some upcoming roster changes for the org. A recent screenshot from Twitch has been circulated, where NRG Infinite went into OskeeGee’s chat and harassed them with toxic words and insults. This happened during an Escape from Tarkov stream where OskeeGee defeated Infinite. The screenshot in question is not pleasant to read, so discretion is advised.

Not A First

NRG Infinite recently joined NRG to replace Yannick “KOLER” Blanchette, but it sounds like they could be leaving sooner rather than later. Less than a day after OskeeGee reported NRG Infinite for his behavior, the Valorant player stated he may not be in the next major. Infinite said he would most likely not be playing because of upcoming arm surgery.

If that’s really the case, wouldn’t NRG have already made plans for that? It all sounds too convenient. We aren’t suggesting he’s faking surgery, though. We aren’t going to accuse people of that. But twelve hours after he’s caught being a scumbag in a smaller streamer’s chat, he suddenly won’t be playing?

Sure, NRG’s Infinite is great at both Valorant and CSGO. But his attitude and how he treats others doesn’t help his cause. There’s talk of his attitude and vulgarity in his previous time with CSGO, so it’s not a far cry. According to Arran “Halo” Spake, there are sources that say NRG is considered making some changes, in particular, to Gage “Infinite” Green.

A player with a history of bad behavior, racist language, and toxicity, it’s not a brand an org would want to be associated with him. Is this a permanent move, or is it all just speculation? We’ll just have to say. Sure, Infinite could actually be having arm surgery, but if he doesn’t come back to the squad, perhaps it was something more. We’ll have to keep our eyes on the situation as it develops.

What do you think though? Is Infinite done with NRG’s Valorant team, or is there a way for the player to redeem himself and make good after his public toxic behavior in someone else’s stream? It’s not for us to say, but we hope so. We aren’t keen on toxicity and want esports/gaming to be welcome to everyone.


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