Will Dr Disrespect Design a New Map for Valorant?

by in Valorant | Feb, 10th 2021

Valorant continues to pick up steam, so to speak. Many pro CSGO players have given up their main game to come to play it instead, and players like Shroud chose it over CSGO again, because of too many cheaters in the former. But what about the maps? Dr Disrespect had a huge amount of success making a map for Rogue Company, and the Two Time Champion reached out to Riot Games, with the desire to design a Valorant map for them too. But will the company take the bait? If they’re smart, we think they will.

Dr Disrespect Is Having Fun, But Designing a Valorant Map. . .

Dr Disrespect’s been playing some Valorant recently, such as in yesterday’s livestream. He dominated players, offering sick, clutch plays. He loves the game, it seems, but there are still some things that could be changed.

Right before polishing off an enemy team, he says, “I love this feeling. Just knowing that I can read the f**king situation like it’s nothing. I love this feeling,” but all is not perfect in Valorant’s world. It’s missing something. The thought was continued on Twitter when Dr Disrespect said:

So now we have two very different thoughts. Perhaps Dr Disrespect won’t be designing the Valorant map himself (as that would be a Community Map, by definition). Perhaps the two will talk, and they will design a map with his aesthetic and curiosities in mind? That would still be pretty interesting. It’s clear that his mark on a game does bring dividends. Rogue Company was already a solid FPS, but he did bring far more eyes to the product.

So while we aren’t going to see Violence, Speed, and Momentum in Valorant yet, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. While I do think Valorant is pretty great as an FPS title, the maps do feel a little on the bland side. If we could get something with a bit more color and excitement to it, that would shake the game up a great deal.


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