Will Battlefield 2042 Feature Crossplay?

by in General | Jun, 14th 2021

The big question on many people’s minds is “Will Battlefield 2042 have crossplay?” It’s an answer we certainly would like to have too. There are too many confusing things about Battlefield right now. It’s not launching with a single-player campaign (confirmed), but it’s also likely not going to launch with a Battle Royale mode. It has plenty of interesting modes at launch, but what about the possibility of playing with people on other consoles? Unfortunately, it hasn’t been mentioned at all just yet. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen though.

Not Mentioned, But Still Possible:

One thing that gives us pause on Battlefield 2042 having crossplay is the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of the game. Both of the PS4 and Xbox One FPS lobbies cap out at 64 players, which isn’t going to help us in this case. Battlefield 2042 is going to have 128 players in a lobby, so unless they accept an inferior version of the game, cross-gen play is not going to happen we imagine.

There’s nothing wrong with the smaller lobbies on those platforms, but it could make cross-gen play impossible. Now, we do know that the maps on the earlier gen consoles will be adjusted for that console’s limitations. That way the PS4 players aren’t stuck traversing gigantic maps designed for way more players. That would be absolutely awful. We, unfortunately, don’t know if crossplay is going to be in the works, but it doesn’t sound like cross-gen will be happening.

Remember, on July 22nd, we’re going to see the EA Play Live event, which will no doubt feature a ton of useful information ahead of the October launch of Battlefield 2042. There’s no word right now on crossplay, but it should hopefully be possible for PS5/Xbox/PC. What would be interesting on the PC iteration, is if you could set the multiplayer for 64 player lobbies or 128, to determine what people you play with. While we don’t have any further information, it’s possible for the near future.


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